Disney Parks Reveals New Marvel Superhero Attractions

Spider-Man Disney Attraction Poster

Marvel fans may want to start planning some theme park getaways, as it's now been announced that there will be even more superhero attractions being built at Disney Parks. Already, Marvel has been getting a presence at Disney's theme parks, with Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout acting as a strong example of what Marvel can offer from a theme park perspective.

As such, Disney itself has been suggesting that more Marvel attractions would be coming to its parks. Not only does Mission Breakout itself include a nod to suggest more Marvel rides, but Disney Parks boss Bob Chapek even hinted at more Marvel Attractions to come. Now, that hint has become a finite reality

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As such, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland are all going to be receiving their own Marvel attractions. The news was revealed by Marvel, who confirmed that Disney is currently working with Marvel Studios and Marvel Themed Entertainment to create some brand new areas for the parks, and will likely then be used as a point of entry for further Marvel attractions down the line. This follows on from some of those new 2018 Disney attractions that are set to launch.

At Disneyland Resort, theme park goers will be treated to a new superhero-themed land. The Guardians of the Galaxy already has a presence through Mission Breakout, and will be joined by Spider-Man and The Avengers with a planned opening for some time in 2020. The area is going to be replacing A Bug's Land, with the current setup already losing It's Tough To Be A Bug ahead of the major reworking as a whole.

2020 is also going to be a big year for Marvel at Disneyland Paris, with the park set to receive an attraction that sees riders teaming up with Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers, although this year's plans already include the Disneyland Paris Marvel Summer of Super Heroes. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Disneyland also has some Marvel-themed plans in the works, with a ride themed around Ant-Man and The Wasp already confirmed and further expansions in the works.

This will be just a further step as Disney Parks further integrates Marvel into its mix of attractions. Fans of Black Panther may be disappointed that there was no official confirmation of a standalone Black Panther ride at this point in time after previous hints, although it's worth pointing out that there's still plenty of scope for that to happen - particularly given the incredible popularity of the MCU film based on the character - and that he appears on the initial posters of the attractions revealed by Marvel. Hopefully, these new attractions will live up to the expectations of Marvel fans.

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