Netflix In Talks With Disney to Keep Star Wars & Marvel Movies

Disney's future streaming service could be without two of their biggest brands with Netflix said to be in talks with the Mouse House to retain streaming rights for Star Wars and Marvel movies. Netflix has had a very good working relationship with Disney over the last several years. The two media giants currently are locked in a deal till 2019 that sees all Disney releases be available for streaming only on Netflix. With Disney continuing to be the biggest studio in Hollywood, they are now looking to launch their own streaming service in the near future.

This announcement was met with mixed reactions, but many realized the premium service Disney could provide by bringing their original live-action and animated movies, along with Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel into one bundle. But, it looks like Disney's streaming service could launch without Star Wars and Marvel movies on their catalogue.

Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos told Reuters (via Variety) that Netflix is in "active discussions" with Disney about keeping Star Wars and Marvel movies on their platform. Disney's CEO Bob Iger wouldn't go as far to say these talks are ongoing, only that Disney has not yet decided where Star Wars and Marvel films will stream after 2019. Netflix could keep these films if talks progress, but Disney could also look to another streaming service, or decide to put them on their own service.

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

It is quite surprising to learn that Disney is not definitively bringing Star Wars and the MCU to their streaming service. Both are in the discussion to be the biggest ongoing franchises, with the answer even varying depending on the day. Thanks to the huge followings both franchises have, Disney would undoubtedly have the ability to charge a higher price than other streaming services if both were included. Plus, if they were to include original properties for said service from either brand, they would have no problem getting subscribers.

With Netflix and Disney's current deal not ending till 2019, this will certainly be a story that continues to develop in the coming months. Losing some beloved Disney films will be tough, but Netflix would still have more than enough original content and films from other studios to compete with any streaming service out there. For Disney however, launching a competing service without Star Wars and Marvel would be quite surprising. The rest of Disney's potential lineup is great, but lacks the firepower that these two franchises bring.

While their destination remains to be seen, where Star Wars and Marvel movies are streaming come 2020 will be something to keep an eye on. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest updates on Disney's streaming service and where Star Wars and Marvel will call home.

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Source: Reuters [via Variety]

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