20 Deleted Concepts From Disney Movies They Didn't Want You To See

Disney has experienced incredible success through animated movies over the last several decades, regardless of if they come from Disney Animation or Pixar. It is quite impressive to say the least, as they are responsible for making some of the biggest animated movies of all-time. There are classic features dating back to the late 1930s, while Pixar became a dominating force in this movie-making style in the mid 1990s.

As of late, Disney is looking back to some classic films and giving them the live-action remake treatment. While these new takes can be more visually impressive, fans of the original classic films don't necessarily want to see major changes made to them. But, thanks to the long development of animated films, most of the original films went through major changes of their own. This resulted in several scenes and concepts being completely removed from the final versions of these films, and we've got a handful of examples of the types of scenes Disney made sure to delete.

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Screen Rant's latest video puts Disney's vast library of animated films under the microscope to uncover some scenes that were too troubling to make it to screen, resulting in Disney deleting them from the film during post-production or even scrapping them entirely during development. We've got 20 examples of such instances in the history of Disney animated films to run through, so check out the video at the top of this post for all the details.

Based on these scenes and concepts, most of them are the direct result of changes during development and before actual production and animation on the films began. If Disney had not made these changes, it is safe to say that many of their biggest films would play completely differently. One of the most recent examples is that Elsa was originally intended to be a villain in Frozen, which would've eliminated the sisterhood bond at the center of this story and made it incapable for her to become a beloved character in her own right. But, we were also apparently close to Woody actively pushing Buzz out the window in Toy Story, seeing other emotions like Depression in Inside Out, or Mulan's entire story changed.

Thankfully, Disney made the right decisions in removing these scenes and concepts from their animated films. It appears that Disney made the right call with every single one of these changes and helped make these classic animated movies stand out as much as they do. The only one that sounds remotely satisfying is making Coco a full fledged musical just so more of the incredible music could be included. Since Pixar and Disney Animation have several other movies coming out in the future, it will be fascinating to learn how they all changed during development, too, and if they have any deleted scenes of their own.

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