Mondo Releasing Disney Apparel, Collectibles, Games & More

Mondo Disney Pins Jacket

Mondo has jumped on the Disney collectibles bandwagon and will soon offer Disney pins, apparel, games and more. Mondo is a subsidiary of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, but it's become best known for its unique limited-edition posters based on pop culture, including posters for Marvel properties Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Many of these posters are on view at the company's permanent gallery in Austin, Texas.

Mondo is also known for its T-shirts, as well as special vinyl releases, including a recent soundtrack for season 2 of Luke Cage curated by musicians Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad. These vinyl releases go on to become special collector's items, with many selling out quickly after first going on sale. Mondo even released an exclusive 40th-anniversary vinyl collection for the horror franchise Halloween that featured the soundtracks from five films. The company continues to expand its offerings, thanks to partnerships with companies as varied as DC, HBO, Sony, Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures.

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Mondo recently announced a licensing deal with Disney that will allow the company to release special pins, accessories, merchandise, apparel, games and more featuring beloved Disney characters and films. The company will begin issuing a series of enamel Disney pins, starting with Disney's mascot, Mickey Mouse.

Mondo Disney pins

Mondo will also release a series of "Tee-ki" mugs based on Disney characters and movies. The first mugs will feature Fantasia's Sorcerer Mickey and Ducktales' Scrooge McDuck. Eventually, fans can expect to see mugs based on The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas and more.

Mondo Micky Tee-ki Mug
Mondo Scrooge McDuck Tee-Ki Mug

Mondo is no stranger when it comes to Disney, although most of its previous works centered around Marvel, a company owned by Disney. Recently, Mondo celebrated 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by hosting an art event in its gallery, which featured some of its best existing and new poster artwork. It also released a special Spider-Gwen statue, along with several posters dedicated to the character, in 2017.

It makes sense that Mondo would partner with Disney for merchandise, particularly when it comes to collectibles. Pins, in particular, are always hot commodities with Disney fans, many of which spend a lot of time indulging in pin trading, which is almost a sport in and of itself. Although retail outlets such as Hot Topic and Box Lunch offer similar merchandise, it's likely that the Mondo merchandise will be more sought after, thanks to the reputation the company has for limited-edition and exclusive items.

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