Man Proposes To Minnie In Front of Mickey Mouse And This Happened

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A man recently proposed to Minnie Mouse at Disneyland and Mickey Mouse was not entirely happy about it. The man's daughter captured the interaction on video, which has since gone viral thanks to Mickey's hilarious reaction.

Disney's theme parks feature cast members dressed as some of the company's most iconic characters. No visit to a Disney theme park is complete, though, without meeting the mouse that made it all happen: Mickey. But that also means that guests usually get to meet Minnie, too, as both mice do a lot of meet and greets together. Currently, at Disneyland, Mickey and Minnie have put on their best holiday clothes in preparation to meet guests. Yes, the holiday season has officially arrived at Disney Parks.

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One of those guests, though, surprised Mickey and Minnie. As seen in a video posted to Twitter by @jazzysio, this man got on one knee, took Minnie's hand and then proposed to her, right in front of Mickey. That audacity earned him some stern looks from Mickey, who proceeded to let this interloper know that he wouldn't just stand by and let another man move in on his woman. Hilarity ensued, with Minnie eventually letting Mickey know that he was the only one who had her heart; the two even sealed their love with a kiss for all to see. Considering that the characters don't talk, the pantomime here is hysterical.

Disneyland, which is in California, will see an influx of people in 2019 after Galaxy's Edge opens in the summer. That new land, dedicated entirely to Star Wars, is currently under construction. Walt Disney World in Florida is also getting its own version of Galaxy's Edge, set to open later next year. Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim is also getting a Marvel-themed land set to open in 2020.

Of course, there were a few negative tweet replies to the video, with many saying that this man was wrong in hogging the characters' time when kids were waiting in line to meet Mickey and Minnie, too. But anyone who has ever experienced a character interaction at a Disney park knows the characters take their time to meet all their guests, both young and old. That means there are a lot of cute and funny meetings, although this is one of the most hilarious. With Mickey having just celebrated his 90th birthday, it's still fun seeing such a recognizable character having fun with fans. It's also nice to know that after all that time, he's still devoted to Minnie.

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Source: @jazzysio

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