• 15 Hilarious Disney Memes That Will Split Your Sides

    Pick out a random point during your early childhood spent watching a movie, and chances are you were watching Disney. Name a first world country, and chances are it has a Disneyland. What we're trying to say is that the Mickey Mouse-decorated Magic Kingdom is a part of all of our lives, and has been for quite some time.

    It makes sense, then, that there’s a whole host of hilarious memes based around the princes, princesses and villains that populate its world. The generation that grew up with Disney is the same generation that loves memes -- and if you don’t, well, you must be lying to yourself.

    With plot points to tease, unlikely characters to make utterly relatable, and even Disney’s own name in jeopardy, meme creators have had a field day with the company’s catalogue of fantastic animations 

    So, as long as you’re a fan of Disney (and if you know the actual name of Sleeping Beauty’s princess, then that’s pretty much confirmed), sit back, relax, and indulge in the best, funniest, most side-splitting memes that the internet has to offer.

    Here are the 15 Hilarious Disney Memes That Will Split Your Sides.

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    Hair Goes Wherever The Wind Takes It
    Pocahontas Hair

    The beauty of animation is that every tiny detail can be fine-tuned. Everything looks exactly like the animator intends it to be: the vistas are luscious, the colors are vibrant, and dance sequences don’t end up with characters falling flat on their face. If only that were true in real life.

    Ignore talking animals, flying carpets, and psychedelic rabbit holes-- the most unrealistic part of a Disney movie is how everybody’s hair remains absolutely perfect.

    Young girls look to Disney princesses as role models, but how can their aspirations become totally fulfilled when their strands of hair just won’t behave?

    Take Pocahontas, for example, who manages to hold her notes in the song "Colors of the Wind" while also embracing the wind and posing like she’s in a commercial for conditioner. Unrealistic expectations, much?

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    Celine Dion Has Nothing On Jafar
    Jafar Titanic

    Smooshing together two classics that bookended the '90s, this meme proves that Aladdin’s Jafar didn’t need a genie’s lamp to find happiness: just Celine Dion and her angelic voice.

    Okay, that’s reading into it too much, maybe, but there’s something magical about how Jafar -- a nefarious name now synonymous to Westerners with "evil"  -- can be turned to goofy in the space of three images.

    The Titanic-Aladdin crossover would do its characters a world of good anyway -- Jafar’s excursion headlong into an iceberg would save Aladdin from torment, and Leo DiCaprio could just wish for a bigger raft to cling onto.

    Of course, the tragedy could be avoided altogether with the aid of a magical flying carpet…

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    Now That's An Evil Plan
    Maleficent Meme

    Most Disney movies follow the same formula: a hero emerges who stops the antagonist. The studio is synonymous with their princesses, but as the saying goes: a movie is only as good as its villain Every villain needs a plan, no matter how dastardly and contrived it may be.

    It is certainly contrived in Sleeping Beauty, as Maleficent strives to get her timings right for her big Aurora reveal-- she is ever the showboat.

    Who can blame her for going for the bombastic? Still, you can imagine her thought process: "right, I need to stand in this exact position, and they need to ask this exact question…"

     Perhaps Maleficent would have received better reviews had it just been Angelina Jolie striding up and down thinking of the perfect way to unveil the princess.

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    I Mean, If It Says 'Eat Me', Why Wouldn't You?
    Alice Wonderland Relatable

    Perhaps the greatest Disney role model to young girls around the world isn’t a princess after all, but the hungry little (or, at times, very large) Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Or, at least, she’s the most relatable of Disney’s roster of protagonists.

    Tumbling down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, she’s urged to gorge herself on biscuits and cakes and wash it all down with a good drink too. If you were in that position, wouldn’t you do it too?

    Many Disney stories serve as fantastic moral guidance to their young audience, but it’s always good once in a while to have a character that reaffirms your unhealthy habits.

    Eat away, it would make Alice proud. Just make sure to check whether it doesn't shrink or expand you first.

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    The ATMs Never Bothered Me Anyway
    Elsa ATM

    Plonk an iconic Disney princess in a mundane, everyday situation and chances are it’ll be hilarious. Belle going about her groceries? Snow White working through her taxes? Enter Elsa of Frozen -- and she’s not in Arendelle anymore.

    Apart from being laugh-out-loud funny, this meme raises the question: Aladdin aside, does currency exist in Disney movies? How does it work? Why aren’t Disney movies concerned with their world’s economy? For Elsa, it looks like it’s totally new to her -- it’s no wonder that she’s having trouble working the ATM.

    We all know how frustrating it is to have the bank machine go cold on you when all you want is just a bit more dosh. Also, if you’re Elsa in that situation, there’s only one way to pick yourself up… let it go.

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    I'd Rather Get Turned Into A Pumpkin
    Cinderella Wifi

    Poor Cinderella. She was orphaned from a young age, forced to work as a maid for her stepmother, and taunted and teased by her cruel stepsisters. You know what’s worse than that though -- especially in this day and age? No wi-fi, of course.

    Anyone would trade all of the glass slippers and handsome hunks in the world to get that sweet, sweet internet connection. Who needs a Prince Charming when you can message people on Facebook, laugh at funny photos on Twitter, or ogle at Disney meme lists online?

    That Fairy Godmother isn’t even needed anymore now that you can obtain any item you want from Ebay with a click of a button (pumpkin carriages notwithstanding).

    Therefore the worst punishment of all would be to change the wi-fi password. Thank goodness Disney didn’t go down that route -- otherwise Cinderella would have been too scary for kids (and millenials).

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    Bad Memory, Good Meme-ory
    Dory Jepsen

    Ellen DeGeneres’ blue reel fish Dory in Finding Nemo is Disney’s most forgetful -- and one of the most unforgettable -- characters in their roster.

    She was so popular that they even made a sequel all about her. However, nothing quite compared to the popularity of Carly Rae Jepsen’s "Call Me Maybe" back in 2012.

    Combine the two and you have a hilarious -- if dated -- meme. Perhaps Dory should have chosen a song that’s easier to remember. However, then again, "Call Me Maybe"'s lyrics was a persistent earworm for everyone. Maybe there’s no saving Dory and her forgetfulness after all.

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    He's Not Lion, You Know
    Scar Meme

    It’s not just Disney’s princesses and princes that are relatable. In fact, sometimes it’s good to empathize with the villain once in a while. We watch the protagonists to see how we can aspire to be greater than we are currently. However, we watch the antagonists to relate to exactly how we are currently.

    Take Scar, for instance, who terrorizes Simba in The Lion King and does away with his dad, Mufasa. Sure, that’s not entirely relatable, but trying to get by in life while a pack of metaphorical hyenas (people) bumble around you definitely is. If that isn’t true to life, then we don’t know what is.

    As this meme indicates, we may end up becoming the Disney villains we fear the most-- except Cruella de Vil since nobody wants to become Cruella de Vil.

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    Not The Meme We Deserve, But The One We Kneed

    What do you call a person without a shin? Tony. What do you call a multi-billion box-office juggernaut company with eleven resort parks, hundreds of animated movies and film studios, a Marvel empire, a steady cash-cow in the form of merchandising, and a mouse-like mascot... without a shin? Disney. S(orry, that joke got a little bit out of hand there.)Adoring fans and Mickey Mouse junkies have made so many memes about Disney that the market (is there a meme market?) is becoming saturated, and the jokes are becoming repetitive.

    There’s only so many areas you can go before it all leads to a dead end. The logic is clear: if you can’t poke fun at the princesses, talking animals, and flying elephants anymore, why not poke fun at the name instead.

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    Here’s a meme to reassure you that everyone has bad angles. For some, like Ursula, that may just be every single angle, but the point still stands for the rest of us.

    The truth is that there isn’t a single person out there who doesn’t look like our The Little Mermaid villain when they switch on their camera to take a photo and are met with the sight of their ugly gurn staring back at them.

    Perhaps Ursula's bad temperament isn’t due to being evil, but due to the number of chins she has.

    However, at least there’s another villain to relate to -- perhaps Disney’s princesses aren’t the role models that we should aspire to be after all.. .just ignore Ursula’s murderous tendencies, and you’ll be a (bad) selfie queen in no time.

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    Ripped dresses make hot messes
    Cinderella Ripped Dress

    We all know how Disney’s animators can manage to make any dress beautiful, any landscape gorgeous, and any down-on-their-luck orphan look like they’ve just walked out of the beauty salon. However, what if we switched that round?

    What if the dresses in question were meant to look tattered and unappealing? What if they're actually sold like that?

    Taking a stab at the state of contemporary fashion designers, Cinderella goes from bullied housemaid to talk-of-the-town, complete with trendy glasses (probably fake) and a winning smile (definitely fake).

    All she needed were her two fashion-designer-in-training stepsisters to turn an ugly pink number into something that’s bound to dazzle at the ball and sweep Prince Charming off his feet.

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    I'd Take A Poisoned Apple Over This
    Evil Queen Mascara

    Snow White may have seven dwarves, a poisonous apple, and an evil queen to deal with, but it’s that evil queen who’s tackling a far worse obstacle: a case of the sniffles.

    In a case of "mirror, mirror, on the wall, give me a spoon of benadryl," the imaginatively named "Evil Queen" is shown holding back a sneeze with a hilariously annoyed expression.

    Why wouldn't she be annoyed? Her makeup is clearly on point (eyeshadow, lipstick, and even mascara all top notch)-- it would be such a waste to risk losing it with a simple sneeze.

    Perhaps Sneezy can give her some tips on how to combat her affliction, or perhaps it was Sneezy who gave her the cold in the first place. Whatever the case, every girl can relate to the terror provoked by a sudden bout of sneezing right after putting on your makeup.

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    Bit Of A Jump In Logic There

    All Ariel dreamed of in The Little Mermaid was to walk on land. However, if she had known that she was a Weasley, maybe she would have jumped right back into the sea again.

    Just kidding, the Weasleys are awesome, and the Disney/Harry Potter crossover that this meme evokes sounds like a great idea and original idea. Why did no one think about this before? 

    However, surely there’s more to a Weasley than red hair and an obsession with muggles? You need to be brave too, right? Perhaps Ariel is a Weasley afterall.

    Also, while her obsession with humans is all well and good, her obsession with forks is a bit confusing-- especially since her dad wields a trident.

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    Well, If You've Been Waiting That Long...
    Snow White Kiss

    Perhaps a young child’s first instance of watching an on-screen-smooch was in Snow White. However, unfortunately that isn't the greatest way to begin conceptualizing the idea-- we're not sure a coma patient would want you to give them a smacker on the lips.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to kissing, it would have been unheard of for a Disney princess to have any say in the matter (see: Sleeping Beauty).

    However, this is 2018, and now the princesses have agency-- if Moana and Frozen didn’t prove it, perhaps this meme will.

    Snow White isn’t the innocent princess we’ve all assumed she is: here, she’s instructing her prince on how to kiss. Fail to make the cut? Well, that's too bad. She can wait a bit longer.

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    Mr. Smee's The One For Me
    Mr. Smee Raunchy

    Remember those awful "just girly things" posts that used to get shared across social media? They spent a few months in the limelight, and, after that, were parodied and mocked mercilessly for a few years.

    One of the best versions to come out of that period is this meme, which also handily functions as a love letter to the adorable bumbling sidekick of Captain Hook in Peter Pan, Mr. Smee.

    Ever the second fiddle to Hook and his nefarious schemes, it’s about time that Mr. Smee received the recognition that he well and truly deserves -- and we're not just talking about the amount of skin he shows.

    Though he does match that with a stripy top that suits his figure and a stylish gold whistle necklace. Look out Prince Charming, there’s a new man in town.


    Can you think of any other hilarious Disney memes? Let us know in the comments!


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