Ok so I'm (semi-)joking about that last one, but I will confess this much: In a weird way, it would feel almost right to see Superman under the Disney banner. Comic books are a changed place these days, heroes are "darker" more "complicated" and most of our favorite titles have definitely gotten more adult-themed along with their 20-30 something readership. It's why Superman - whether on page or on film - has floundered a bit in the last few years, allowing other DC Heroes like Batman and Green Lantern to eat up some of his popularity.

I think we can all at least agree that Superman is the most "Disney" superhero out there. Seeing Disney/Marvel snag the character wouldn't just be a victory for Marvel (and Disney's vested interest therein), Superman is the type of character through whom Disney could sell their famous brand of magic to a whole new audience of little boys, who each want to be the Prince Charming square-jawed superhero who swoops in to save the day (and the princess!).

You seeing the bigger picture yet?

Again, I have no inside info on any of this; I'm not close to either Disney, Warner Bros., DC Comics, Marvel, or the heirs of Siegel and Shuster. I'm just some guy on the outside looking in, speculating "What If?"

You tell me: am I crazy for wondering if Disney/Marvel can and/or will sign try to Superman in 2013? Or is it crazy ENOUGH to maybe happen?

Superman vs. Spider-Man image source: Fan Pop

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