First Disney/Marvel Animated Movie is...'Big Hero 6'?

Disney Marvel Big Hero 6 Animated Movie

While our own Rob Keyes has been doing in-depth coverage (and sharp speculation) about the upcoming "Phase 2" stage of Marvel's - in regards to Iron Man 3, Captain America 2 and a possible Guardians of the Galaxy movie, other Marvel Studios tidbits have been leaking out all over the place - including this big news:  Marvel and Disney will reportedly be launching their first animated project - and it's NOT the one you guessed (or wished for).

The official first animated film from the Disney/Marvel team will be Big Hero 6! Don't know who (or what) that is? Most people outside of the hardcore comic crowd probably share your confusion.

Big Hero 6 are a team of heroes recruited by the Japanese government, who once fought alongside the X-Men character known as Sunfire (the comic version of the team also included X-Men frienemy Silver Samurai, who will appear in the sequel film, The Wolverine). The team had its own run in the Marvel universe, consisting of two mini-series released in the 2000s. That's basically the gist of it.


Disney Marvel Big Hero 6 Animated Movie Poster

Don Hall (co-director of last year's Winnie the Pooh film) is reportedly the man attached to direct Big Hero 6 (according to Blue Sky Disney), and was the person who pitched the property to chief creative officer John Lasseter in the first place. What Hall sees in this particular property (as opposed to, say, Power Pack or The Runaways) is unknown, but the movie is said to have already been extensively story boarded. It is noted that no official green light has been given yet - but don't be surprised if you hear the announcement soon.

Curiously enough, the Blue Sky report notes that the next opening in Disney's animation slot would be.... 2014, the same year Marvel will flood theaters with Captain America 2, and yet-unannounced projects. Could Big Hero 6  be what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was hinting at when he previously said we could be seeing more than two Marvel projects in theaters during any given year? We shall soon find out. Stay tuned to our Comic-Con 2012 Coverage Page, as the information will almost surely be coming out of the convention.

Source: Blue Sky Disney

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