Disney Redubs Louis C.K. Voice Role In Gravity Falls

Future re-runs of Disney cartoon Gravity Falls will not feature the voice acting of Louis C.K., it has been confirmed. Unfortunately, 2017 will be remembered as the year when the depth of Hollywood's problems with sexual assault and inappropriate behavior was uncovered. What initially began as allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein quickly snowballed into a procession of actors being accused of varying levels of misconduct, with names as famous as Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman included.

Another such actor was Louis C.K., who was accused of taking advantage of several aspiring female comics. In a statement, Louis admitted using his position and power in the industry to put the women into inappropriate and uncomfortable situations and acknowledged his wrongdoing. Since the revelations, Louis' current projects have been more or less completely dropped. His movie starring Chloe-Grace Moretz and Charlie Day, I Love You, Daddy, was dropped by its distributor; the FX network, HBO and Netflix all severed ties with the man; and production of forthcoming C.K. co-created series The Cops was suspended.

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Now one of Louis C.K.'s past projects has moved to erase the disgraced comedian's involvement. Louis voiced the character of "The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity" in several episodes of Disney's Gravity Falls and, as reported by THR, future re-runs will replace C.K. with the voice of executive producer and series creator Alex Hirsch. C.K. first appeared in Gravity Falls in 2015 episode "Weirdmageddon: Part 1" and then again in a 2016 follow-up installment. A spokesperson for the Disney Channel confirmed:

Louis C.K. as The Horrifying Sweaty One Armed Monster in Gravity Falls

"The role was rerecorded approximately one month ago and new versions of three episodes are now on the Disney XD schedule around the world, series creator and executive producer Alex Hirsch is now credited as playing the character."

Although Louis C.K.'s appearances in Gravity Falls aren't particularly recent, the Disney network can be fairly re-run heavy and as such, the episodes in question will likely continue to be aired for years to come. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Disney would want to replace C.K.'s voice, particularly considering how carefully the company safeguard their family-friendly reputation. With Disney broadcasting to youngsters worldwide and Louis C.K. more or less exiled by the showbiz industry, it was only a matter of time until Disney took steps to wipe the actor's involvement with the company from their history.

In the case of Gravity Falls, re-dubbing a small vocal role would have likely been a relatively simple and inexpensive process, particularly considering the replacement was the series creator. However, other projects have been forced into more significant changes in the wake of this year's scandals. House of Cards will be drastically altering its direction having fired Kevin Spacey and Ridley Scott also had to recast Spacey's role in forthcoming movie, All The Money In The World.

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Source: THR

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