10 Things You Didn't Know About The Disney Logo

The Disney logo appears everywhere. Before you watch a movie, your trips to Disneyland or Disney World, within Disney merchandise--it's seemingly everywhere you look. It's familiar and expected; you see it and move on with the credits. You don't really pay attention to it because you see it so often, but wouldn't it be strange if it weren't there at all? It was a process to create the logo we all have memorized today; in fact, there was originally no logo whatsoever, so Disney has come a long way since. Without further interruption, here are 10 things you didn't know about the Disney logo.

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10 There Was No Logo

Interestingly enough, for the first 48 years, Disney had no logo. Audiences simply saw "Walt Disney Presents" or "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" onscreen. The logo we see today took some time to come about, and it's been revamped from other versions starting with the introduction of the castle in 1985 via the cult classic film The Black Cauldron. A domino effect of logo regeneration has paid off since then.

9 Modern Logo

Disney has undergone several makeovers since its inception, including its logo. As technology has become more advanced, Disney has updated their logo to reflect the changes.

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They do this to show their audience that they are keeping up with modernization, which is important since they are heavily relied upon for their first-class animation and graphics; thus, their remade logos help show their audience that they are living up to the high standards that the public has set for them.

8 Whose Castle Is It Anyway?

Do you ever wonder why the castle, first introduced as part of Disney's logo in 1985, is so familiar? That's because it's based upon the castles belonging to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Both castles served as an inspiration to the logos we see today. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are well-known icons at Disney that both had rocky beginnings but in true Disney fashion receive their happily-ever-afters. What better basis for the Disney logo?

7 Evoking The Emotions

While Disney's logo is updated to reflect new trends in technology, it also has a special meaning behind it for the audience. When you see Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty's castle from its 1985 version to its current version, you are meant to wonder about and marvel at what lies beyond.

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The goal of the logo is to evoke wonder and imagination from the audience. Disney never fails to deliver these qualities in its films; its worlds tend to sweep us away and serve as a highly desirable mode of escapism, which is why audiences love everything Disney has to offer.

6 Marketing Benefit

Not only does the logo serve as part of the credits in film and television, but it also conveniently advertises Disneyland and Disney World. The entrances to these sensationally popular theme parks are similar to the logo; in which case, you could say there's a hidden marketing element to the theme parks every time you watch a Disney film. The theme parks are also meant to make you feel as though you're personally stepping into a world of Disney (something else the logo does each time you see it onscreen).

5 The Font

Logos are tricky. You have to make them easily recognizable, and yet also ensure it's something that stands out and ties in with your brand. For Disney, they paid far more attention than most to the font used for the words "Walt Disney" (and later, just "Disney") as part of their logo. So much so that they created the unique and easily recognizable font themselves.

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They did this to simplify their logo somewhat for certain branding purposes (it could get difficult to have to print Cinderella's castle over and over again, so they spared themselves the headache).

4 Branding

Disney has done such a great job with their logo over the years that people easily recognize it and immediately know what to expect. Disney's logo incorporates ingenious fun. While Disney characters may be the primary force in its merchandising, the logo is just as important an asset because it associates anything from productions to clothing with the brand, we all know and love--something beneficial for the company and for audiences everywhere. After all, you don't have trouble locating a Disney store, production or movie.

3 Mickey Mouse As Part Of The Logo

What is probably the most recognized icon to come out of Disney's creations is no doubt Mickey Mouse himself. The beloved character has been around for generations, entertaining us since day one.

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Mickey graced the logo in the early days of Disney; as it was growing and moved to Hyperion Studios, Mickey was added to the logo and the rest, they say, is history.

2 It Was Named As The World's Most Powerful Brand

In 2016, a London-based brand valuation and strategy consultancy company named Disney as the World's Most Powerful Brand. Why? Apparently, Disney's latest acquisitions, original creations, and vibrant history are significant factors in accomplishing this feat. Yet, we can probably safely assume that the logo contributed over time to the success of the Disney company, leading to its ability to acquire other significant name brands and gain the success that it has. If you don't recognize the brand by logo, there's not much chance of earning an accomplishment such as this.

1 The Current Logo

Perhaps our favorite thing about the logo overall is a specific addition made to the current one we all know today. Presenting a much-more detailed castle, the unique font of "Disney" (with "Walt" having been dropped) and even a moat, the new logo also adds a shooting star that arcs across the castle. This addition is meant to invoke a sense of wonder, but it also carries a hidden message of wishes coming true. Now, if anything, Disney is well-known for granting wishes and ensuring they come to fruition. This is perhaps our favorite thing about the beloved brand, which is why it tops the list. Not only this, but the logo is altered to tie in with the film that follows. For example, the castle is Frankenstein's castle in the credits for Frankenweenie. Be on the lookout for more!

Despite difficult beginnings, Disney hung on long enough to become the whimsical, dashing empire it is today that we all know and love. The logo ties in with the characters, the brand, the merchandise, the mission and just about everything else Disney stands for in perfect harmony.

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