Disney Has Added Its Logo To A Fox Film - Are They Rewriting History?

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Disney has curiously added its logo to one Fox movie, Miracle on 34th Street, while leaving the rest alone. Miracle on 34th Street will be available for streaming when Disney's new service, Disney+, launches on November 12. Disney has officially unveiled its full lineup of movies and TV shows for Disney +.  This includes its own IP, as well as properties from Marvel, Pixar, and 20th Century Fox. Disney recently acquired all of Fox's movie and TV assets through a widely publicized deal, greatly expanding its already-impressive library.

Counted among its acquisitions is Miracle on 34th Street. Directed by George Seaton, the movie stars Edmund Gwenn, Maureen O'Hara, John Payne, and a very young Natalie Wood in her first starring role. The Christmas classic, released in 1947, tells the story of O'Hara's Doris Walker and her daughter, Susan (Wood), who meet an old man named Kris (Gwenn) that dresses up as Santa Claus for Macy's department store. When Kris claims to be the real Santa Claus, an attempt to get him permanently committed to a mental institution begins. Doris' lawyer-boyfriend, Fred Gailey (Payne), becomes Kris' attorney and works relentlessly to prove to the court that Kris really is Santa Claus.

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In a series of tweets, Disney revealed the movies that would be coming to Disney+. One tweet showed off an image of Miracle on 34th Street, accompanied by a Disney logo. The logo is for some reason not attached to other films on the streaming service that didn't originate from Disney, such as The Sound of Music from 1965 and Journey to the Center of the Earth from 1959. They were all made by 20th Century Fox, but only Miracle on 34th Street is being treated like a Disney film.

Why is Disney trying to associate itself with Miracle on 34th Street, a movie it had no hand in making? Perhaps the answer has something to do with Miracle on 34th Street's status as one of the beloved Christmas movies ever. The movie's "feel good" story could also be a factor. As a movie about the power of belief, and a young girl who desperately wants to believe in Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street certainly feels like a Disney movie - and taking ownership of that closely associates the brand with Christmas classics.

The addition of the Disney logo to Miracle on 34th Street is another sign of just how much Disney owns now. Disney's grip on the entertainment industry is getting wider, which is an unsettling fact for some. With Miracle on 34th Street, Disney had added its name to another timeless classic.

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