Disney's Jungle Cruise Casts Edgar Ramírez As Its Villain

Edgar Ramírez will play the villain in Disney's Jungle Cruise. After finding great success in turning Pirates of the Caribbean into a major film franchise, Disney's looking to make more movies based on attractions in their theme parks. One of these films will be based on the riverboat ride Jungle Cruise. The movie adaptation will attempt to recapture the fun spirit and adventure of the ride, and have found arguably the best choice possible to star: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Johnson continues to be a major draw at the box office, as most recently evidenced by Rampage's financial success worldwide. With Jungle Cruise, he's pairing up with Emily Blunt for a period action/adventure. The pair will be joined on the adventure by Jack Whitehall, who will play Blunt's brother. Now, we know who will be opposing them in the film.

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THR reports that Ramírez is set to play the villain in Jungle Cruise. Ramírez is a versatile actor who most recently appeared in such films such as BrightThe Girl on the Train (which Blunt also starred in), and Gold, as well as FX's The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. Details are sparse, but his Jungle Cruise character is described as being a man with a conquistador background. He's said to be one of the film's villains, meaning there could be multiple threats for Johnson and Blunt to overcome on their expedition.

Based on his previous work, there's no reason to doubt Ramírez's ability to make for a great foe in Jungle Cruise. While we will have to wait and see who else signs on to play a villain in the movie, some Jungle Cruise story details have surfaced of late. We previously reported on Johnson and Blunt's characters in the film, but now THR has provided more context for their storyline. Johnson will lead Blunt and Whitehall's characters on an adventure as they attempt to locate a tree believed to have magic healing powers. With Ramírez's antagonist also searching for the healing tree, the four are on a collision course for conflict.

Now that more of the story has been revealed, Jungle Cruise certainly lines up with the Indiana Jones comparisons that've been thrown around before. It's got the adventure built in, and even has a mystical MacGuffin to drive the plot. If Jungle Cruise proves to be a major hit, it could even wind up giving Disney a historical adventure franchise to call its own, along with Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones. That will largely come down to the film's execution, so hopefully director Jaume Collet-Serra will deliver on that front.

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Jungle Cruise doesn't have an official theatrical release date yet. We will let you know when that changes.

Source: THR

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