Disney & Jerry Bruckheimer making my job easy

For a while there I thought I was actually starting to run out of stories for this place, but recently my pals in Hollywoodland have decided to help me out with some material.

Perfectly in keeping with the theory that any classic movie that should be left alone will most certainly NOT be left alone, Disney and Bruckheimer have decided to do a remake of....

The Wizard of Oz.

Oh, it's not JUST a remake, oh no....

It's going to be a TRILOGY!!! And of course the marketing tie-ins are already being planned with much glee and salivation, I'm sure.

Here's the scoop:

Video game creator American McGee, who most recently brought a twisted retelling of "Alice in Wonderland" to gamers, has turned his imagination on "The Wizard of Oz." Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures have optioned the movie rights already, and other media deals are either signed or pending. There's no time frame for the first film of what will be a trilogy, McGee said, but screenwriters Kevin and Dan Hageman are attached. McGee said games, books and other projects featuring his unique vision of "Oz" also are being developed. Carbon6, the interactive entertainment franchise properties company co-founded by McGee and Anthony Jacobson, owns the intellectual property rights.

Nothing like having an "interactive entertainment franchise" in control of a classic film like this, eh? The same company that did a "twisted retelling" of Alice in Wonderland for gamers... I just can't wait for THIS. I guarantee it's going to STINK. It is a physical impossibility that this movie will be made without some sort of sexual innuendo (for the adults, don't ya know?) and current event slant, removing any possibility of it's being a timeless movie.






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