Disney & Bruckheimer Acquire Space Adventure 'Lightspeed'

Disney and mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer may have already produced the likes of the Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure franchises, but that doesn't stop them from looking to other potential properties to turn into big hits.

Variety reports that Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have acquired the script for Lightspeed, an epic space adventure from writers Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii. They reportedly paid an unusually high price for the script (in the low seven-figures against $3.5 million), especially since the film doesn't have any big-name stars or directors attached.

So what's Lightspeed about? Well, there aren't a lot of specific details but the early outline is, "a young pilot who makes the Earth Interstellar Racing Team and must take his ship on a perilous journey across a galaxy on the brink of war."

Rossio and Marsilii previously worked together on Deja Vu, the Denzel Washington thriller. It may be a coincidence, but the script for that was also very expensive - when Disney bought it in 2004 it marked the highest price ever paid for a spec script.

Along with the Deja Vu on their resume, Disney and Bruckheimer probably trust in at least Rossio because he's co-written some of their biggest movies, namely all of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (including the upcoming fourth installment, On Stranger Tides).

Bruckheimer is aiming for Lightspeed to be live-action and there's no prizes for guessing it might end up being in 3D. With every other movie these days getting the three-dimensional treatment and Lightspeed's plot, I would be shocked if it didn't go the 3D route.

Do you like the sound of Lightspeed? Do you think it could be another blockbuster hit (and possible franchise starter) for Disney and Bruckheimer?

Source: Variety

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