10 Disney Items That Will Add Some Magic To Your Cubicle  

If you're looking to impress people in your office, these 10 Disney items starring Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and more will add magic to your cubicle.

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Many working professionals out there have a cubicle, an office, a desk or some other space that can be decorated. While the main point of it all is to provide an area for work to take place, it can still be nice to dress it up a bit, adding in personal touches, inviting decorations and even magical Disney items.

The 10 pieces below are all inspired by Disney, with designs relating to characters, films and the positive vibes that we all associate with this charming company. So if anyone needs to enhance their workspace a bit, these are the things that will do just the trick!

10 Disney Stapler 


The Mickey Mouse ears logo is one of the most recognizable graphics in the world, and this mini stapler is covered in just that. It is black, with gray detailing, and it is made of durable plastic that will help get any and all stapling jobs done.

Plus, despite this tool’s cute size, it works with standard staples and comes with a box of 1,000 of them, making it ready to go and get to work. So while performing a pretty mundane and ordinary task in the office, add in some magic with this Disney-inspired stapler. 

9 Mickey Mouse Business Card Holder


Something else that is iconic is Mickey Mouse’s white-gloved hand, and that white-gloved hand can now set on desks and hold business cards. Whether someone is networking with others in their industry, keeping up with client information or searching for a professional to help with something personal (like a salon stylist or a plumber), there will be lots of business cards.

Most people also keep their own card on their desk, so that they can easily supply people with their contact details. This holder will make all of this feel a little bit more special. 

8 14 pcs Bookmark Paperclip Set 


This set that is up next on this list makes a great gift for back-to-school season, a cool party favor, an affordable item to give to teachers and a magical desk accessory. There are 14 pieces that all feature vivid colors, PVC rubber and fan-favorite characters such as Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Mulan, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Pocahontas.

These can help hang important documents on the fridge, clip papers together, mark a place in a book and more, and it can all be done with assistance from classic Disney princesses!

7 Minnie Mouse Ball Point Pen 2 pcs. 


While the princesses created by Disney are legendary, Minnie Mouse is the original leading lady, and these pens highlight her in a wonderful way. There are two very elegant yet playful ballpoint pens - one gold and one silver - and they both write in black ink.

Writing tools are some of the most basic objects that people need on their desks, as there are notes to take, documents to sign, lunch orders to jot down and edits to mark. Once again, this Disney desk item just turns all of that up a notch. 

6 Disney Mug Warmer


Productivity would not take place without caffeine, which means this next product is a smart gift idea! This mug warmer keeps hot beverages and even soups warm. It has a convenient cord length, which is perfect for the office.

There is an illuminated power light, to ensure safety. And it is a two-in-one present, as it comes with a 10-ounce ceramic mug. Whether someone is more into Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, there is a warmer and a mug out there, waiting to warm up a workspace and keep that coffee hot and ready. 

5 Stitch USB Flash Drive 


A memory stick like this is good for storing and sharing files in a simple and reliable way… and it is a fabulous way to show off a love for Disney. Most flash drives are pretty boring and basic, but this one uses soft and durable PVC rubber material that is in the shape of Stitch.

This thumb drive also has a key ring design, so it can attach to purses, backpacks and padfolios for easy access. With its USB 2.0 interface and reliable performance, this Disney office product is pretty much the best and most magical way to tackle data storage!

4 Hardcover Journal (Disney Mickey Mouse)


This hardcover journal comes in brown faux leather, and it has embossed Mickey Mouse designs all over it. There is also a satin ribbon bookmark, a pocket that is built into the back cover and 160 lined pages that are made with paper from well-managed forests.

Paper is another go-to thing that is needed at work and at a desk, and this journal supplies it in a beautiful way. The faux leather gives it a professional vibe, but it still has that playfulness to it that Disney is known for creating. 

3 Disney Notepad Bundle with Pen 


For even more ways to add in some Mickey Mouse around a cubicle, turn to this notepad bundle; it comes with three notepads in three sizes, as well as a pen, and there are Disney-inspired designs covering all of them.

Once again, the paper is from well-managed forests, and this is a neat way to take notes at school, while on the phone or in an office. Furthermore, an affordable bundle like this is good for a party favor, a gift for all employees, a back-to-school surprise or a stocking stuffer. 

2 Mouse Pad 


One of the most popular Disney flicks is The Lion King, which is where this phrase came from: Hakuna Matata.

It is written in a sort of watercolor font, with a geometric print around it, and this would add a marvelous pop to any cubicle. This mouse pad is also made from a smooth material that makes for comfortable work, and it has a non-slip rubber bottom that keeps it in place. Since this product is also washable and resistant to fading, this is definitely something to consider, as a way to magically transform a desk area!

1 Mickey Mouse Perpetual Calendar


The first time Disney main star, Mickey, was seen, he was Steamboat Willie, and this desk calendar honors that character. It is from the Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments, and it features hand-painted resin, as well as a black and white style that is full of nostalgia.

The design of this calendar means that it can be used year after year, as a way to always know the date. So anyone who needs more Mickey in their work life (or just in their life in general) should turn to this adorable piece.  

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