What Disney Infinity 4.0's Rogue One & Moana Figures Looked Like

Darth Vader Disney Infinity figure

Many fans are still upset over the cancellation of the Disney Infinity video game and its associated content (a.k.a. those really cool figures that people collected because they had really great sculpts), that was announced last year. Given how many different popular franchises are now under under the Disney umbrella - from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the new wave of Star Wars movies - Disney Infinity had a treasure trove of characters to choose from when it came to both the game and the toys.

Designs for several cached characters that were slated to be included in the game have since come to light, along with teases of what may have been, had the game gone to infinity and beyond.

Character Department Head / Senior Character Artist B. Allen has shared prototypes on his website of his designs for both Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Moana figures that were created right after Disney Infinity got the axe. The figures include a Darth Vader from the Rogue One time period, about which Allen said:

"I found these images floating on the web. I modeled and posed this 15 inch version of Darth Vader. This was cancelled right after they were finished. Sadly, Vader, and 5 other 15 inch characters (Disney Infinity versions) will never see the light of day. Maybe I will post better renderings at another time.Character modeled by BAllen."

Of the titular Moana, along with her demigod sidekick Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson), Allen shared:

"Yes... It's true. Moana was cancelled. I found this image floating around online. I was waiting to post a high quality rendering until the movie was released. (There are actually quite a few images that have been leaked online.) We took these characters all the way to the production line just before they were cancelled. Very sad. Moana was modeled by MThorup. Maui character was modeled by BAllen."

Disney Infinity - Moana statues

Disney Infinity - Rogue One Darth Vader statue

Fans and collectors of Disney Infinity could spend a lot of time getting lost on BAllen's website, exploring many tabled character designs for the line, as well as a collection of snapshots of the real life actors hanging out with their sculpted counterparts (like the above photo of Carrie Fisher with her Princess Leia figurine).

Seeing these excellent sculpts makes it all the more disappointing that Disney Infinity is no longer in production. The Star Wars designs have been wonderful from their very first line - including characters from the original trilogy, the prequels, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and even The Force AwakensThis younger incarnation of Darth Vader would mark the second version of the character to appear as a part of the Disney Infinity collection. CGI characters have always translated very well to the in-game design and both Moana and Maui look incredible. It really is a shame that neither of these figurine made it into production.

However, an overabundance of inventory was listed as one of the reasons Disney Infinity did not continue on - even as a strictly action figure line - and it is not difficult to understand why the people over at Disney may not have wanted to add a second Darth Vader character to fill up their warehouses.

Source: B. Allen (via ArtStation)

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