Disney's Unaired Haunted Mansion TV Show Trailer Released

Disney's yet to be made animated TV show, Haunted Mansion, actually has a trailer. Spearheaded by Kubo and the Two Strings creator/story writer, Shannon Tindle, the television series has two different pilots, allowing Disney to pick which one they would rather have. Sadly, the television series is unlikely to be produced, even though a trailer has now been revealed online.

Although Tindle had a deal with Disney Television Animation, the series isn't expected to be picked up by the company in the future. That being said, when Tindle shared the trailer through social media, the reactions were by and large enthusiastic. Tindle's show now has a passionate group of fans who want to see the series produced and finished for all audiences to view.

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As reported by Cartoon Brew, the Haunted Mansion cartoon TV series was meant to be big, with different characters going on different adventures. However, each character would be connected by a single overarching narrative. Sadly, it seems unlikely that Disney will go through with the project. Still, for a look at what could have been, you can watch the trailer for the series in the space above.

Tindle planned on taking his inspiration from other Disney artists for his television show. “My goal was to take inspiration from all the backstories created by the artists at WED [the name of Disney’s Imagineering division] and stitch it into one, giant narrative,” Tindle told Cartoon Brew. He wanted to give those who work hard at Disney a chance to be seen in the spotlight in a unique way.

Although Disney hasn't given the series approval, there's always still a chance that audiences will see the unmade series. For one, Tindle has received tons of appreciation from fans, as the trailer is absolutely intriguing. Just as well, the show doesn't necessarily have to go through Disney to hit television screens across the world. There's plenty of ways this series could work, especially now that footage has been released online.

With all that being said, Disney is a powerhouse and if they're not interested, then they're not interested. That's just how it works. Disney has a lot of shows and films to focus on, not to mention everything else that brings them in money. While people are becoming fans just based off the trailer, the intrigue might wear off sooner rather than later. Either way, Haunted Mansion sure has a long way to go from here.

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Source: Cartoon Brew

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