Disney Halts '20,000 Leagues,' McG Off The Project

Wow, I didn't see this one coming. According to Variety, Warner Bros. has halted moving forward with their remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. On top of that, McG, who was set to direct, is off the project, and will now concentrate on other things such as the Warner Bros. drama, Dead Spy Running.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea seemed to be moving ahead pretty well, with a tentative shooting start of February, 2010. McG even said not that long ago that they'd already looked at different shooting locations including Japan, France and Canada. The Terminator Salvation director sounded pretty enthusiastic back in August when he talked about such things as how he was planning on contemporizing the story while still maintaining the spirit of adventure from the original 1870 story and 1950's movie.

There's no real word on why Disney has halted 20,000 Leagues, nor why McG has left the project (the latter is probably because he doesn't wanna' wait around for Disney to put it back on track). With regards to McG, as stated he'll move on to concentrate on Dead Spy Running (written by Syriana scribe, Stephen Gaghan), and he's still attached to Terminator 5. However, the fifth Terminator movie is currently in limbo as the franchise works its way through the courts.

The closest the 20,000 Leagues project had to casting was Will Smith being eyed as one of the two leads (which was really just McG wanting him to star), but apart from that no cast was set, so small disappointment there...

As for Disney, it certainly isn't short of big-budget adventure films to fill our movie screens with: on top of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (which is clearly a priority), they also have John Carter of Mars and the quite highly-anticipated Tron Legacy. So it's not like they NEED 20,000 Leagues to tide them over. Nonetheless, I think it's a shame the film isn't moving forward (at least for now); even with McG at the helm I was still looking forward to what Disney would deliver with such a great story to work off of.

No Captain Nemo for McG...

Are you surprised Disney has put a halt on their 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Are you glad McG isn't directing anymore? If the project ever does get started up again, who would you like to see direct?

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Source: Variety

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