Disney Developing Gargoyles Movie

Gargoyles movie Disney

In a world where we have to deal with the reality of movies based on everything from books to board games, it should be no surprise to find that even completely inanimate objects aren't safe.

Heat Vision is reporting that Disney is currently in the process of developing a film based on gargoyles. Yes, that's right, those ugly statues that are usually perched on the corner of rooftops.

The studio is currently trying to hire Zoë Green to write the script for the untitled gargoyles film. Green doesn't have any past credits to her name yet but she's written a couple of fantasy projects that are in development, including Tigress (also for Disney) and Book of Shadows which has director Rob Reiner attached. She's also been hired to adapt the novel The Diamond Age, so it sounds like she's a prime candidate for making a watchable movie out of gargoyles.

Of course, if you're into mythology more than the average person you might know that gargoyles weren't always just grotesque statues that were used to keep rain off roofs. There's everything from the "Legend of La Gargouille" to the more general idea that they were used to both ward off and attract evil.

Disney is seeking to build a mythology around the medieval statues and in keeping with recent fantasy flicks such as The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Percy Jackson, the gargoyles film will likely be set in modern times. The reason that keeps happening with fantasy movies is so that the fantastical elements seem all the more fantastical when compared to the boring, mundane surroundings of the world we live in today (how's that for optimism? :-P ).

On top of a cheesy 1972 Gargoyles TV movie, some of you may also remember a Gargoyles series that (funny enough) was also made by Disney. However, it doesn't appear that this gargoyles film has anything to do with that series other than the stone creatures they both center on.

Gargoyles cartoon

It's not mentioned if the gargoyles film will be done in live-action or CGI or a hybrid of both. If it's going to be live-action and not completely computer animated, my guess is it will be mix of live-action and CGI simply because I don't know how else the gargoyles could be shown on-screen. Somehow I don't think going the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles route (read: having men in gargyle suits) is going to work here...

Am I alone in being skeptical about a film based on gargoyles? I'd love to know your thoughts on the project.

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Source: Heat Vision

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