Logan's X-23 Spinoff May Be in Trouble Due to Disney/Fox Deal

Dafne Keen as Laura aka X-23 in Logan

There's no doubting that James Mangold's Logan is one of the best superhero movies out there, but could that proposed X-23 spinoff be in trouble thanks to the Fox/Disney merger?

Although the likes of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart shone in their X-Men swansong, newcomer Dafne Keene became the standout star of 2017's Logan. The movie seemed to close the chapter on the James Howlett days of Wolverine, but it also conveniently left the door open for Laura Kinney to take up the Wolverine mantle one day. All the pieces looked in place for a continuation of the series with Keene replacing Jackman for a new generation of fans.

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However, with Disney now monopolising Fox in one of the biggest moves in cinematic history, it looks like a potential X-23 movie could fall at the first hurdle if MCU boss Kevin Feige has anything to do with it. Speaking to THR, one insider says:

“[Feige] is going to be asked, ‘Do you want to continue on these developments paths?’”

X-23 Disney

While the MCU looks pretty rosy and set to have a huge boom in its numbers during Phase 4, all future movies that Fox were planning are currently up in the air. Some may not be that sorry to see the end of the "main" X-Men movie series, but with the characters like Deadpool, Gambit, and the New Mutants being highly-anticipated projects for the studio, who knows what move Disney will make next.

Even if some properties are left alone, it is unlikely that the integration of the X-Men into the House of Mouse would bring the same stars with it. For example, when Disney brokered a deal with Sony to buy back Spider-Man, lead actor Andrew Garfield was unceremoniously ditched from proceedings. Also, looking at how Evan Peters plays Quicksilver at Fox - and the MCU version of the character is dead - there are some serious concerns about how the current list of actors can fit under the Disney umbrella.

However, on a positive note, longtime X-Men composer and editor John Ottman sees a brighter future for Charles Xavier's gifted youngsters with Feige at the helm:

"Nobody is more passionate about these characters...Everything he touches turns to gold, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Marvel’s mutants.”

It is no surprise that Logan is as lauded as is it is, and although it came and the end of a very convoluted X-Men franchise timeline, it is doubtful that fans wouldn't want to see where the story goes next. With Keene now an up-and-coming star, the potential of X-23 carrying her own movie would be too good to pass up on. The Dinsey bigwigs have already promised another 20 movies to lead the MCU into its future, but will X-23 be a lucky addition to the list?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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