Disney & Fox Deal Discussions Rumored to Be Heating Back Up

X-Men in the MCU

Disney and Fox are back in talks on a deal that would see all TV and film sides of Fox head to the Mouse House, and it could happen soon. The entertainment industry got surprising news not too long ago that Fox is looking to sell its assets to concentrate on areas outside of TV and film. This move has brought many potential buyers into conversation, with the latest contender said to be Sony. But, Fox's intentions to sell were revealed alongside the report that Disney was having discussions about a possible deal.

Following years of Marvel fans pleading for Disney to re-acquire the rights to all of their characters, the reality of such a possibility became more plausible after this report. Since then, the thought of Disney completely taking over another major studio has raised a number of concerns about the Hollywood system and the future, and it was reported these talks were far from over.

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According to a new report from Mike Fleming of Deadline, word on the street is Disney and Fox have begun talking once again. This report states Disney is "progressing speedily" towards finalizing a deal to acquire Fox's film and TV divisions. Both sides have reportedly gone silent on the matter, and Disney's previous behavior with acquiring Marvel and Lucasfilm (as well as the Spider-Man deal), indicate these could be serious talks. If this is indeed true, Deadline cautions that there may not be any further updates until the possible deal is officially announced.

Fox Properties and Disney

While most of the attention of a possible deal goes immediately towards the potential for Marvel Studios and their chief Kevin Feige having access to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and more, that is only the beginning. Disney would own popular intellectual properties like The Simpsons, franchises like Alien and Predator, plus James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequels. They would also gain further stake in Hulu and even more TV related properties.

If a deal is ultimately struck, it will have a major impact on the projects mentioned above, but also mean there is one less major studio to acquire non-franchise films. Disney is largely focused on known IPs and franchises, but Fox has consistently been a steady presence in the non-blockbuster world of film.

Any possible negative outcomes aside, the deal would finally mean Marvel Studios would be nearly whole. They would still have a few restrictions thanks to other distributing deals, but it would give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a ton of new characters to introduce in a post-Thanos world. The introduction of mutants or Marvel's first family could be exactly the jolt Marvel needs after building to Avengers 3 & 4 for so long. This is far from a certainty still, but the possibility appears to be better than ever before.

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Source: Deadline

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