Disney does the right thing

Disney has refused to distribute Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" through Miramax. There is of course an outcry of "Censorship!" coming from... the Democrats. Of course there is no political partisanship involved here.

Couple of things that burn me concerning this whole thing:

First, I'm really fed up with political games. The total lack of integrity has me disgusted. Just for a second let's switch things around and say that the World Trade Center attack happened during the Clinton administration. For one thing, Michael Moore would not have made this film... but if he had, it would be Republican politicians who would be screaming "Censorship!".

It really just makes me want to spit.

Secondly, I have a HUGE issue with Moore as a filmmaker because he cloaks his films in the guise of being documentaries, when they are in fact extremely subjective propaganda. Moore's films are NOT documentaries!

Are you listening?

A documentary does not have an agenda. A documentary presents the facts in an unemotional, analytical fashion. A documentary at least presents both sides and lets the viewer decide, even when the outcome should be obvious.

Michael Moore really, really makes me ill. But what is worse is the way that the media embraces him as the bringer of truth.

Of course the movie will be distributed and the controversy will only make it earn more at the box office.

Unfortunately (I suppose) I will remain ignorant because I refuse to support his films by paying to watch them.

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