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The Fantastic Four team

The Fantastic Four Will Eventually Get Their MCU Debut

The Fantastic Four have stalled as a franchise; Josh Trank's much-maligned Fant4stic had a notoriously troubled production that resulted in a terrible final product (even the writer has apologized). Notably, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has been vocal about his eagerness to get his hands on Marvel's First Family, and apparently,he's simply "waiting for the call". Considering the franchise has been dormant since the last reboot in 2015, fans could see an MCU integration of the Fantastic Four in the near future - but that is purely speculation at this point.

What's desperately needed for the team is to have a fun, yet intelligent, faithful family adventure that shows reverence to the source material. Feige of all people is the most likely to understand this, as it's essentially been his process with every MCU film to date. Fans should feel free to get excited about the Fantastic Four being under Disney control.

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All In-Production Films Are Released By Disney

Industry buzz is that Disney will release all of Fox's movies that are complete or in production at the time of the acquisition, and there's little wonder as to why, considering the caliber of what's on the slate.

Among the completed or in-production projects to be released, there are new movies from British auteurs Joe Cornish and Joe Wright, an action/comedy featuring current Disney rabble-rouser Dave Bautista, and Logan director James Mangold's real-life period racing drama Ford Vs. Ferrari, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon.

The Murder on the Orient Express follow-up directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh, Death on the Nile, is also on Fox's docket. In taking the reins, Disney would be foolish not to release the movie from a financial standpoint alone. On a budget of $55 million, the first Agatha Christie adaptation from Branagh released last year more than $350 million at the worldwide box office - an impressive feat for a period thriller.

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Announced or In Development Films May Be Temporarily Shelved

Movies in the edit bay or currently in production are one thing, but the fate of the ones that have merely been announced - like Michael Bay's Robopocalypse - are a little more up in the air. Dwayne Johnson, currently attached to the Big Trouble in Little China remake is a little more safe in this aspect, as he essentially has carte blanche to do whatever he wants after the continuing success of his many franchises, which already includes an upcoming collaboration with Disney on Jungle Cruise

The only announced-but-not-yet-in-development film that may be guaranteed to survive is the new version of Puff the Magic Dragon. A touted live-action/animated hybrid, in the vein of Pete's DragonPuff could easily fit Disney's aesthetic - provided they're not worried about the original song's many drug connotations affecting their family-friendly image in doing so.

All films that so far have only been announced will likely see the light of day eventually, but it will be long after the dust settles with the merger. The priorities for Disney will likely be the massive franchises that are already gaining steam.

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Fox Searchlight & Fox 2000 Will Survive

Fox Searchlight Pictures Logo

Disney CEO Robert Iger has already stated that the smaller studios Fox Searchlight and Fox 2000 will survive the move into Disney territory. Considering that Fox Searchlight have been responsible for four Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards, it's easy to see why for the former. Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, and most recently The Shape of Water have all scooped the big prize, and having such a consistently critically successful studio under their belt will be a major asset for Disney. Fox Searchlight currently have 17 films planned for release, in varying stages of development, and considering the studio's track record, almost all of them are likely to be prestige, academy-award contenders.

Fox 2000, as the literary adaptation arm of 20th Century Fox, have also had a great output of late; Love, SimonHidden FiguresBridge of SpiesThe DropThe Fault in our Stars and Life of Pi were all extraordinarily well-received by critics (if not always audiences) upon release. Their upcoming release The Hate U Give looks to be another strong, timely movie, perhaps even to be bestowed with adulation come awards season. A socially-relevant tale of racial tension, Disney will most likely be happy to be associated with this movie, which is currently sitting at an 88% 'Want to See' rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Terminator Reboot Will Be Distributed Internationally By Fox

The upcoming Terminator reboot is going to be distributed by Paramount Pictures domestically and by 20th Century Fox internationally. The fact that Disney is absorbing Fox into itself should not affect the release of the reboot, as it was a deal struck pre-merger and all existing distribution must stand as per law. Disney does not now own the rights to the Terminator franchise; merely its international distribution rights (by way of Fox).

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