Disney Announces D23 2019 Expo Dates

Disney has revealed the dates for their big D23 Expo for 2019, with tickets going on sale this summer. Not long ago, San Diego Comic-Con was the place to go for experiencing the latest from fandom culture. Now, smaller conventions have become places for major reveals and individual studios have begun hosting their own events. Star Wars has their own celebration each year, while Disney's D23 has become the place to be for fans of Pixar, Marvel, and more.

Last year's D23 revealed all sorts of Marvel secrets ahead of Comic-Con that year, and next year's event is sure to do the same. As D23 is a bi-annual event, Disney fans won't be getting the convention this year. However, 2019 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Expo and is sure to be packed full of special events and exclusive content. With so many movie projects from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel in the works, nothing major can be revealed yet about D23 in 2019, but we finally know when it will take place.

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Disney has revealed the dates for the D23 Expo for 2019, with next year's event now coming a full month after SDCC. Along with the announcement, fans can expect to buy tickets starting August 23, one year before the event. Some of the preliminary events have also been revealed, though nothing major from any of Disney's sub-studios has yet to be unveiled.

The August dates of the Expo in 2019 put the event well past Marvel's three movies next year. However, it also means that the convention will take place once Phase 3 has ended and Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 has kicked off Phase 4. We don't know what Phase 4 of the MCU will look like yet, but it seems safe to assume that Marvel's May 2020 movie will be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. That means an early look at the film or even a teaser could be kept from SDCC and saved for D23 next year.

D23 will also likely show off something from Star Wars: Episode 9. The film will only be a few months away by then, so a teaser should already be out. That could make August and the convention the perfect time to release a trailer for the movie and tease how the Skywalker Saga will end. New Star Wars and Marvel theme park details were revealed during Disney's D23 Expo in Japan earlier this year, so 2019 event could feature similar theme park-related reveals too.

There are also two live-action Disney movies coming out after the Expo in 2019, so new footage from both films may also be on the docket for the event. Beyond that, the future of Disney and Pixar's various offerings will probably be teased along with the future of Marvel and Star Wars. With Disney continuously expanding their film slate - and possibly taking control of Fox in 2019 - fans definitely won't want to miss next year's D23 Expo coverage.

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