10 Disney Coffee Mugs All True Fans Need

Disney fans love their movies. They love the characters and soundtracks. They enjoy going to Disney theme parks. They buy merch and swag that shows off their passion. And if they are also lovers of coffee, then they need these 10 mugs!

For many, any ol’ mug will do, as long as the caffeine is coming. But drinks seem to taste even better when they are sipped from detailed and themed containers… like these, which depict princesses, classics and even villains. Be sure to keep these in mind when shopping for true Disney fans, and know that we won’t judge if anyone feels the need to buy them all up, for themselves, here and now!

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10 FAB Starpoint Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug 


Perhaps the most famous dish within the Disney universe is Chip, from Beauty and the Beast. That being said, he definitely deserves his own mug, and this specific one is so neat!

This one holds eight ounces, has raised details that are sculptured to even include his little chip on his side and with features gold foil printing, for some added shimmer. Enjoying a cup of coffee each morning out of this adorable piece would surely make any Disney fan very happy, as they would be reminded of such a classic film and such a cute supporting character. 

9 Silver Buffalo Disney Villain Ursula Ceramic Mug


We can’t forget about the Disney villains, because they help make these stories extra exciting. One of the most notable baddies out there is Ursula, who is in The Little Mermaid.

This mug - which holds a whopping 20 ounces of liquids! - shows off her black and purple tentacles, as well as her seashell necklace. It is all crafted out of durable and BPA-free ceramic, and when it is not being used, this gift will make a great decorative item, collectible and conversation starter. It could even lead to a new friendship between those who are fans of Disney. 

8 Silver Buffalo Disney's Alice in Wonderland Sculpted Mug


Mugs can also hold tea, which brings us to Alice in Wonderland. As many people know, Alice met the Mad Hatter and the March Hare on her wild journey, and they were in the middle of a tea party. Therefore, this sculpted gift should be considered for fans of her story!

It is whimsical, with a variety of stacked teacups. This is also another mug that is free of BPA, that is quite durable and that holds 20 ounces. What is extra special here is that even those who don’t like tea/coffee would still adore owning such a one-of-a-kind cup. 

7 Disney Magic Kingdom Version 3 You Are Here Starbucks Mug


As mentioned, Disney fans enjoy going to theme parks, and perhaps the most popular is Magic Kingdom in Florida. It boasts Cinderella’s Castle and iconic rides like Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion and It's A Small World.

Another big brand in the world is Starbucks, and this coffee chain came out with a You Are Here Collection; these mugs feature graphics pertaining to Disney parks, and this Magic Kingdom version has nods to rides and magic that can be found in this spot. So if someone likes Disney and coffee, then they sort of have to own this particular mug right here!

6 Silver Buffalo Disney Princess Collage Ceramic Mug


There are so many Disney characters that exist due to tons of films and TV shows, but the princesses are legendary. That being said, a mug that showcases these leading ladies is next on this list. This one is made of a durable and toxin-free ceramic.

It holds up to 14 ounces. It is safe to use in the microwave and the dishwasher. And it shows Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel - some of the most well-known women out there, some of the brightest characters out there and some of the prettiest role models out there (Thanks, Disney)!

5 Disney Poisoned Apple Sculptured Mug


The stories, characters and songs from Disney films are known, but there are also symbols that can be found within these movies - like this one. Yes, this poisoned apple can be found within Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, when the Evil Queen disguises herself as an old hag, in order to take care of Snow White in a big and permanent way.

Thankfully, that go-to happy ending came about for Snow White, but this skull-like apple - which is featured here in an authentic, sculptured, glossy mug - was an important part of the story. 

4 Disney Kiss Mug Cinderella 


Another important aspect from these popular films would be the romance, and one of the greatest love stories belongs to Cinderella. If anyone is shopping for a couple who is into Disney, we recommend this sweet set. It is made out of porcelain.

It comes in a pretty pink color. The mugs line up so that Prince Charming is kissing Cinderella's hand, showing off the moment they first met at the royal ball...and when they fell in love. On the backside, these mugs say “a kiss takes care of anything", which seems true within this magical world, right? 

3 Disney Sleeping Beauty Thomas Kinkade Morphing Mugs 


A known name within the Disney realm is artist Thomas Kinkade, and a cool feature found on many mugs has to do with heat sensitivity and a bit of magic. These two things combine in this next unique gift idea. This ceramic mug transforms when a hot liquid is poured into it. at first, this seems like a boring black mug, but after coffee/tea is added, a beautiful and detailed painting - featuring characters from Sleeping Beauty - appears in just seconds! This is another one that we feel all true Disney fans must add to their collections at once. 

2 Disney Maleficent Tower Mug 


Speaking of Sleeping Beauty...Her castle can be found at Disneyland, and there are mugs that feature this pretty pink building. Some people are not into pretty and pink, though. Some people like the villains of Disney and would prefer darker gifts. That is where this Maleficent mug comes into play. This woman is an iconic character from Disney, and here, she can be found up in her tower.

The other side even has a dragon in the window, for even more bad and bold design elements. This authentic and textured mug would be a smart gift to give to the right fan. 

1 Disney Mickey Mouse Red Drinking Mug


Last but not least, we suggest buying someone who loves Disney and coffee (or tea...or just collectibles in general) this item. After all, Mickey Mouse is the one who started it all, and he is honored through tons of great merchandise. This mug is just too cute, though; his arm makes the handle, and the high-quality stoneware is good to go in the dishwasher and microwave.

There is also a Minnie version, since some people may prefer her over him. But, hey, why not just get both? Then the gift would bring double the fun and double the pleasure! 

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