20 Disney Characters Reimagined As Superheroes

Disney has one of the largest collection of iconic characters in the history of entertainment. From Snow White to Cinderella to Simba to Elsa, generations of people have grown up with these guys and gals.

They instill hope, bring us joy, make us cry, and make us cheer. They’re some of the best heroes we have.

However, they’re not superheroes. When Disney bought Marvel nearly a decade ago, the minds of creative fanboys and fangirls went into overdrive.

They began to think of crossovers where Donald Duck meets Captain America or an entire The Nightmare Before Christmas world dedicated to the superheroes and supervillains from the comic books.

They even began to mashup the characters from both companies. If the two companies were now one, why couldn’t the characters also merge?

We’ve seen some combinations that make all the sense in the world like Beauty and the Beast’s Beast mashed up with Beast from the X-Men.

However, artists have also created some hybrids that, in theory, don’t make sense but are incredible when pen is put to paper. Who would have thought we’d see Mickey Mouse combined with Deadpool?

We delved deep into the internet to bring you 20 Disney Characters Reimagined as Superheroes.

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20 Ariel

This little mashup here adorably puts together Disney and DC’s most famous underwater redheads.

Taking Ariel from The Little Mermaid and combining her with Mera, the Queen of Atlantis. This one is pretty seamless, merging Ariel’s fish tail with Mera’s trademark scaly outfit. She may look adorable but is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

We don’t think Merial needs a Prince Eric or an Aquaman to protect her from danger. You can find this work of art, along with other mashups on A Cat in the Rain’s Tumblr.

The icing on the cake is the oversized, golden dinglehopper. No wonder Meriel is able to flawless maintain her straight hair with just a little twirl here, and a yank there, and voila.

19 Beast

Sometimes ideas are so simple yet amazing that you may find yourself agonizing over the fact that you didn’t think of it yourself. This is one of those ideas.

Taking the titular Beast from the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast and combining the cursed prince with the X-Men character of the same name is so well done.

Sure, it’s little more than a simple palate swap for Bell’s beau, but that’s all that really needed to be done. It gets even better when you think about how similar the two Beasts really are.

With both versions hating their furry conditions that they are both partially responsible for. We also know that the Marvel Beast, a real bookworm, would love to spend a day in Prince Adam’s library.

18 Mulan

This is one of the most seamless combinations on this entire list. Mulan is definitely one of the most underrated movies in the entire Disney catalog. It’s nearly a perfect movie.

The only thing holding it back is probably the fact that Donny Osmond provides the singing voice for Li Shang, a character voiced by B.D. Wong, but that’s neither here nor there. Psylocke is one of the X-Men’s most underrated heroes.

She’s a powerful mutant with telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to create sweet weapons made out of pure psychic energy. Both characters break down stereotypes, holding their own against men who are often twice their size.

Mulan and Psylocke are without a doubt two of the toughest women from their respective worlds.

17 Merida

Here, we have an awesome Brave and X-Men mashup. It’s done by Isiah Stephens, whose incredible work you’ll see a few more times on this list. Stephens took Pixar’s Scottish princess and combined her with the Marvel Universe’s Southern bell.

Both Merida and Rouge have one thing in common. They each have some serious mother issues. In Brave, Merida was so fed up with the way Queen Elinor treated her that she accidentally turned her into a bear. Rouge has her own maternal problems.

Her mother just so happens to be one of the X-Men’s greatest villains, Mystique. When you’ve tried on multiple occasions to kill your own daughter, you’re not going to win any mother of the year awards.

16 Snow White

Honestly, we really wish there was a little more to this picture. It kind of just looks like it’s Snow White’s hair on Wonder Woman’s body.

Since they two women share the same color scheme, there just could have been a little more done. But, there’s a historical purpose as to why we’d be remised if we were to leave this entry off of the list.

This one takes an OG of the animated world and melds her together with one of the oldest superheroes in all of comic books.

The Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first debuted in theaters in 1937, Wonder Woman’s first appearance in the world of comics was in 1941. That definitely makes this combo the oldest duo on the entire list.

15 Buzz Lightyear

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that Buzz Lightyear is already a superhero in his own right. The brave member of the Space Rangers has saved his fair share of plastic lives (and real ones too if you’re a fan of the 2000 cartoon Buzz Lightyear of Star Command).

However, we couldn’t pass this up. Artist Michael Duron takes it up a notch by giving Woody’s pal some of Iron Man’s armor. It’s a great look too.

The red and yellow make “Iron Buzz” looks like a much more formidable opponent for Emperor Zurg and his intergalactic army of evildoers.

This version even looks like he may be capable of achieving flight. A way better ability than “falling with style.”

14 Jasmine

This one is just plain rad. Until recently, the women in Disney cartoons may have been strong-willed and powerful, but they never really kicked butt.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin is without a doubt a character who fans definitely would love to see holding her own in a fight. She is a tough and cunning princess so, a pair of sais is the perfect weapon for her to carry.

The Elektra-inspired costume is a great touch as well. It’s a natural look that really works on all levels. Now, if we could only pair her up with an Aladdin and Matt Murdock hybrid so they can duke it out with a Kingpin and Jafar hybrid. Get started on it, Internet.

13 Rapunzel

The 2010 3D computer-animated Disney flick, Tangled did fairly well in theaters but didn’t seem to have much of an impact. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in popularity for the movie. And rightfully so, it’s a really great movie.

Rapunzel is probably the closest thing to a superhero out of any of the Disney Princess. Her long, flowing locks could be used to dish out punishment to those trying to keep her locked away. She’s practically a mutant.

That’s what makes this image so cool. Putting the princess on the cover of an issue of X-Men: First Class takes her out of her land of fairy tales and drops her into a world of heroes, villains, and Incredible Hulks.

12 Beast

If the Beast and Beast combination was a little too on the nose for you, this work of fan art might be more your speed.

This piece puts together Disney and Marvel’s (Is that redundant now? Should we just be saying Disney?) biggest and strongest brutes.

Taking the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and merging him with the Incredible Hulk makes for a very cool looking creation. The choice to keep the Beast’s signature hair and dye it green totally helps blend these two behemoths distinct styles without looking too much like one or the other.

It doesn’t matter if he’s going up against Gaston or the Abomination, no villain is going to like this Beast when he’s angry.

11 Genie

A seemingly all-knowing and all-powerful character who feels trapped despite containing an incredible amount of raw power and just wants to fit in.

That sentence could definitely describe both Genie from Aladdin and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Vision. Both are also, more often than not, regulated to the role of sidekick despite their abilities.

So, it made total sense when Soegimitro posited what a Fusion Dance between the two would look like. Combining Visions sleek and mesh robotic design with the fluid-like features of the Robin Williams-voiced Genie is a little hard to wrap your head around at first.

However, the more you look at it, the cooler it becomes and the more we want to see it in action.

10 Ariel

At first look, Ariel and Black Widow are two very different characters. One is an underwater princess, while the other is a Russian spy. It seems like the only thing they have in common is their red hair.

Once you start to peel back the layers, though, the similarities start to show. They are both *ahem* fish out of water, trying to pass in worlds where they seemingly don’t belong.

Perhaps this is a world where, instead of falling in love with a Prince, Ariel fell head over heels for Nick Fury.

Instead of wanted to be part of his world of balls, galas, and royal affairs, she wanted to be a part of espionage, covert warfare, and supervillain battles. Hey, can’t say we blame the mermaid.

9 Sleeping Beauty

What separates this entry from the rest is that it’s not mashing Sleeping Beauty up with any superhero in particular.

No, this takes the titular character from the 1959 classic and develops an original character around her. It works incredibly well.

Equipping the sleepiest princess in all the land (sorry, Snow White) with a spindle-shooting bazooka and a spikey spinning wheel that looks like it would be very comfortable in the hands of Overwatch’s Junkrat are great touches.

She kind of has a Tank Girl vibe that we totally love. This image shows a tough as nails lady who definitely doesn’t need anybody saving her from a long, long nap. Nah, she could take care of that dragon all by herself.

8 Mickey Mouse

We’re going to go ahead and call this little creation the Merc with the Mouse. Unlike the other entries on this list, this isn’t a drawing, it’s a toy-- and an awesome one too.

It’s got a great cartoon design with a painted-on shine, and Mickey’s smile is perfectly creepy. With Disney recently buying Fox, this is a mashup that we could legally see in the future.

We just highly doubt it. Wade Wilson’s foul mouth and penchant for stabbing people in the face doesn’t exactly mesh well with Mickey’s squeaky-clean persona.

With there being a very, very, very slim chance of that ever happening, that just makes us want to get our grubby little paws on this bad boy even more.

7 Peter Pan

This is another character mashup that just makes a whole lot of sense. There are a lot of similarities between Peter Pan and Robin.

Peter Pan is a boy who never grows up, and, if you go by real time, it takes Robin about four decades to age five years. They’re both usually portrayed as light-hearted, quick-witted youngsters who love nothing more than a great adventure.

They also can generally be seen going head to head with villainous adults who would love nothing more than to see them dead. Plus, they both love the color green. So that’s another plus.

We’re very glad that the artist here opted to keep Peter Pan’s pants and shy away from Dick Grayson’s love of hanging out in his briefs.

6 Sally

This little mashup is another one that makes all of the sense in the world. Both Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Teen Titan’s Raven are dark and gothic characters.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at either of them, but they both have hearts of gold. This is another work of art by the incredibly talented Isiah Stephens.

In this image, Stephens effortlessly blends the gloomy designs of both Sally and Raven so well together. Like his Wonder Women and Snow White combination from before, it’s not much more than simply putting Sally in the outfit of the Teen Titans mystical wonder.

However, that’s all that it really needs to be. Plus, it’s a doll playing dress up. That’s pretty perfect if you ask us.

5 Pocahontas

For those of you with some deep alternate Marvel Universe knowledge, this drawing brings back memories of Captain America from Marvel 1602.

This fantastic mini-series by Neil Gaiman took place in the year (can you guess?) 1602, where a time-displaced Steve Rogers lived with Native Americans, teaching them about the present while learning their ways.

It was about as close to a “real” Captain America as we’ve seen. However, this, how cool would this be in the comics or a movie? A Captain America who is 100% native to America-- and a woman too?

This design is really incredible. It gives us chills thinking about possibly seeing this version of Pocahontas heroically fighting for her people. Sign us up.

4 Tiana

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that African Americans are underrepresented in both comic books and Disney.

We didn’t see our first African American Disney princess until 2009’s The Princess and the Frog and we only finally got a Marvel film starring a black person when Black Panther came out this year.

Until Black Panther’s debut in Captain America: Civil War, the most prominent person of color in the MCU was Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

What this artist did was take the few examples they had and merge them into one. This Tiana and Nick Fury hybrid is about as awesome as they come. She is fully equipped to fight in a small war with the help of her lightning bug friend, Ray.

3 Stitch

This design is way too much fun for us to pass up. In the past, the X-Men have seen their fair share of intergalactic characters like the Brood and the Shi’ar empire, but this is truly something out of this world.

Mashing up the Best in the World at What He Does, Wolverine, with Disney’s furry critter from outer space makes for a really neat design.

With two sets of claws, sharp teeth, and an unpredictable attitude, this Stitch and Wolverine combo makes for one little guy we wouldn’t be caught trying to pet.

We’re dying to see this adamantium-filled little fuzz ball take on any and all alien invaders in a cartoon. May we suggest the title, Lilo & Snikt?

2 Snow White

Depending on what origin story you subscribe to, the “S” stands for “hope.” In this great drawing, it also apparently stands for “Snow.”

Taking Disney’s original princess and mashing her up with DC’s original hero is without a doubt a brilliant idea. This Snow White and Superman hybrid is really a magical sight to be seen.

It’s awesome that the artist took elements from White’s iconic dress and flawlessly incorporate it into Superman’s classic costume. It makes for a look that’s so old school that it becomes refreshingly new.

We would love to see a 1940’s Max Fleisher-style cartoon featuring this version of Snow White. Let’s just hope this heroic princess is able to stay away from the temptations of any kryptonite apples.

1 Disney Princesses Galore

Major props to Robby, aka Cartoon Cookie for this fantastic work of art. The artist took fifteen different women from Disney and mashed them up with fifteen different women from the Marvel universe. It’s so well done.

Let’s run it all down: We have Snow White and The Wasp, Aurora and Captain Marvel, Esmeralda and Scarlet Witch, Belle and She-Hulk, Jasmine and Elektra, Mulan and Psylocke, Cinderella and Mocking Bird, Tiana and Storm, Ariel and Hope Summers, Anna and Valkyrie, Rapunzel and Sue Storm, Pocahontas and X-23, and Meg and Black Widow.

All of the bonus points have to go to the Merida and Hawkeye mashup. That’s just some brilliant work right there. An extremely close second would have to be the Elsa and White Queen combo that isn’t something we knew we needed until now.


What do you think of these incredible Disney hero mashups? Do you know of any more? Let us know in the comments!

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