• 20 Disney Characters Reimagined As Hogwarts Students

    The internet is in no danger of running out of fans. We don't have the official numbers, but we'd estimate that people have dedicated about a hojillion pages of the repository of all human knowledge to cartoons, books, and movies that are important to them. This includes reviews, critiques, and analysis, sure.

    However, enthusiastic fans also churn out untold amounts of tribute material.

    For any particular subject, it's not hard to find song parodies, tribute videos, fanfic, and art. And the really hardcore people know that the only thing better than declaring their allegiance to their various fandoms is to slam them together.

    That's the idea behind most of the geeky t-shirts you can buy online. It's also where most of the interest behind Ernest Cline's reference-dripping novel Ready Player One and this year's movie adaptation come from.

    Fans of Disney and the Harry Potter book and movie series have been combining their two loves into some fun artwork.

    It recasts favorite princesses and princes as students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes, the artists do sort these characters into houses, and yes, they will defend their choices.

    Here are the 20 Disney Characters Reimagined As Hogwarts Students.

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    Would she go to Hogwarts, though?
    Disney Halloween Belle by isaiahstephens

    This is the first of many pieces we’re including by the talented Isaiah Stephens. It’s part of his “Disney Halloween” series in which he devises cool costumes for the Princesses. Highlights include Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and Mulan as Xena, Warrior Princess.

    This one has Belle from Beauty and the Beast all dressed up as Hogwarts’ own resident bookworm, Hermione Granger.

    If you couldn’t tell from these examples, Stephens put a ton of thought into picking the perfect alter egos for these already heroic characters.

    That’s a question we’ve had for a while: if superheroes celebrated Halloween, what kinds of costumes would they pick?

    That’s a lot to get into right now, so back to Belle here. We have another minor gripe here. It was hard to reconcile the Hogwarts uniform with Belle being French. Wouldn’t she go to that country’s wizarding school, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?

    This only bugged us for a minute, though, since she’s dressed up as a specific character. Obviously nothing would stop a French family from emigrating to England and participating in its school system.

    However, a big part of geekdom is noticing and picking out the most minor, silly details and then talking them to exhaustion.

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    The sorting hat probably didn't have to think too long
    Disney in Hogwarts Merida by decapitated_kittens

    This delightful portrait of Brave’s Merida all decked out in Gryffindor colors comes courtesy of artist Decapitated Kittens, whose art is way cuter than their handle.

    It’s really no surprise that the Sorting Hat would put her in the red and gold house.

    Gryffindors are all about determination, daring, and bravery. If you think that the person whose movie is literally called Brave would not end up in the house for the brave, you might need to retake your Pottermore quiz.

    This is the second take on this work. It’s a digital revamp of the original sketch, which is also pretty nice. One detail in particular makes this piece fun regardless of medium.

    We really appreciate that Kittens assumed (correctly, we think) that the tradition-bucking Merida would insist on wearing trousers with her Hogwarts uniform instead of the skirts that the female students typically have to wear.

    No one outside of a few closed-minded Slytherin wizard supremacists would have had a problem with it.

    Hogwarts as a whole would almost certainly accept her decision, though. We guarantee that flying instructor Rolanda Hooch would see the practicality here. Trousers seem slightly more practical for broom-riding and aerodynamics.

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    Then again...
    Merida and Rapunzel Hogwarts by yukihyo


    YukiHyo created this drawing of Rapunzel and Merida in their school uniforms. This version of the Brave hero stays a little more traditional, though. She’s the Seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and whether through that or just her usual proclivities, she’s gathered some bumps and bruises.

    According to the artist, Merida has a nickname at the school: “The Scarlet Fury.”

    This is both appropriate to her character and practical for the future. If she ends up haunting the school’s hallways after she passes on, that will also make a pretty awesome ghost name.

    Also, Ghost Merida could hang out with The Grey Lady and create massive fan service, since actress Kelly MacDonald played both of them.

    Rapunzel appears here as a Hufflepuff. Some other artists like to put her in Ravenclaw for her cleverness, but we can see this assignment, too.

    The house values qualities like patience, for one thing. And we don’t know of a better expression of that than living in a tower your entire life without going crazy.

    Hufflepuffs are also kind and loyal, which gives them a bit of a reputation as a house of sidekicks. However, they’re admirable qualities, and Rapunzel’s lifelong dedication to her tower life and “mother” make this a pretty solid call for her.

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    How did that even happen?
    New Students to Hogwarts by dannynicholas

    We have to be honest here: We aren’t sure how Stitch even got the invite. He’s an alien, albeit a pretty smart one. He also lives in Hawaii, so he and Lilo would likely end up at Ilvermorny in Massachusetts. Or, as we call it, “Way Less Snooty Hogwarts.”

    However, if we’re going to grant the existence of both magic and aliens living secretly on Earth, then Stitch can go to whichever spelling school he wants.

    Artist Danny Nicholas puts the two friends in Gryffindor. It just feels like the default house because it’s the one the books and movies spend the most time with.

    We’re not sure we agree, though. Their intelligence and creativity make them solid candidates for Ravenclaw. Also, for what it’s worth, Nicholas agrees when someone brings it up in the comments.

    However, this is a pretty great picture regardless of which colors are on their ties.

    Our favorite part of this one — other than all of it — is the expression on the owl’s face. It looks like it’s just made a terrible realization, and that realization is that it is perched on the arm of a creature that could swallow it whole if it got a little hungry.

    We’re not saying Stitch absolutely would do that. However, we saw what he did to that cake in Lilo & Stitch.

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    Only '80s kids will get this one
    Eilonwy the Hufflepuff seeker by mistressmariko

    Artist Mistressmariko made this beautiful picture of a lesser known, unofficial Disney princess. This is Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron, which is a movie that came out in 1985 and draws from Welsh mythology.

    It’s not a very (or even moderately) popular part of the Disney canon, but it does have its fans.

    At the time, The Black Cauldron was the most expensive animated movie ever made, with a budget of $44 million.

    It was also the first animated Disney movie to earn a PG rating. That’s probably because the villainous Horned King is completely terrifying and meets his end when the Cauldron engulfs him in a blood vortex and rips him apart.

    This is probably why part of why the movie lost money, since we can’t think of many parents who would line up to let their kids see that.

    Eilonwy is from the Leia Organa and Merida school of princessing. She’s too busy fighting evil for the whole “distress” bit.

    We think that makes her a pretty good match as a Seeker, who spends the Quidditch match off doing their own mission while everyone else kicks each other and dodges angry balls.

    Mariko puts her in Hufflepuff, which we’re not going to argue with.

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    The crankiest Ravenclaw
    Disney Hogwarts Carl the Ravenclaw by sparklyblueroses84

    This picture of Up’s crafty, curmudgeonly hero Carl Fredricksen comes from SparklyBlueRoses84. It puts him in Ravenclaw, which we totally buy. That’s where we’d put the guy who came up with the “flying your house away with balloons” plan to thwart developers.

    Carl also values his individuality and independence, which are both also super Ravenclaw characteristics to have.

    He’s one of the few characters who could conceivably belong to any of the four Hogwarts houses. That includes Slytherin, which gets a bad reputation of being for huge jerks.

    However, it’s also about having ambitions, and if tying thousands of balloons to your house and flying it to another continent isn’t ambitious, we aren’t sure what qualifies.

    We’d hope that Carl isn’t still a student at this point. We prefer to think of him as inheriting Snape’s position. Not as Potions professor, but as the Hogwarts professor whom students are most afraid of.

    We’d probably put him in charge of Care of Magical Creatures, since he met that huge bird and talking dog.

    He’d also make a solid Charms professor, but he’d probably get pretty cranky on the day he had to teach levitation spells. That whole movie would have been so much shorter if he’d known that one.

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    The new team mascot
    Jasmine at Hogwarts by MotherDuckster

    DeviantArt user MotherDuckster created this gorgeous piece of Princess Jasmine.

    Apparently, the princesses of Aladdin one-upped her fellow students with their owls, cats, and rats and just went ahead and brought her tiger, Rajah, to school with her.

    This probably isn’t unprecedented, but unfortunately our knowledge of Hogwarts history isn’t deep enough to know everyone’s pets throughout the centuries.

    We’re pretty sure that some Ravenclaw figured out a way to shrink an elephant to the size of a puppy. Also, you just know that at one point, a creepy Slytherin brought in something that looked like the spider in the barn in Arachnophobia, and nobody talked to that guy all semester.

    This piece isn’t alone in the collection. Its companions include Anna and Elsa, Ariel, Belle, Tianna, and more. We particularly like this Cinderella piece. In it, the hardworking girl takes some time out from her studies to help a House Elf with the cleaning. So of course she’s a Hufflepuff.

    MotherDuckster is also a member of the “Rapunzel is a Ravenclaw” club, as you can see in that work. We don’t have any strong opinions either way on this, but it is interesting to see how different fans justify their choices.

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    The year nobody actually learned anything
    Ariel Muggle Studies by misspaigechristine

    This fun art by MissPaigeChristine shows the Little Mermaid in her new favorite class.

    Muggle Studies is typically an elective-only course at Hogwarts. It teaches magical folk how the rest of us live, including why we need electricity and the internet.

    When Voldemort took over the magical government just before Harry Potter’s seventh year at the school (i.e. the seventh book), he made Muggle Studies a core class. That seems like a weird pick for a guy whose only desires are to rule the world and tramp out everyone he deems unworthy.

    However, Voldemort’s version of Muggle Studies was a propaganda tool. The goal was to convince impressionable young witches and wizards of their inherent superiority over those who take buses to school instead of enchanted trains.

    When Ariel was a mermaid, she had her own, independent study version of the class. Since she lived in a society that shunned the surface world, it wouldn’t really prepare her for the formal course.

    According to her dodgy information from Scuttle, for example, people use forks (“dinglehoppers”) to style their hair and not to eat delicious spaghetti.

    She’d probably be a little embarrassed the first few classes, but she’d probably catch on eventually. Also, you know she’d do all of the extra credit work.

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    Before they were big
    Hogwarts Troublemakers by artyellenlol

    This prequel work by ArtyEllenLOL supposes that three of the most powerful magic users in the Disney world not only attended school together, but were also friends.

    From left to right, they’re Merlin (The Sword and the Stone), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), and Yen Sid (Fantasia).

    “These three are arguably the most powerful Disney characters in the Disney-verse,” the artist says. “So I pictured them all going to Hogwarts together. Was it says in the title they're trouble makers I could just see them getting into all sorts of trouble even if it's not intentional. They'd all be high achievers even though it may not seem like it.”

    Since only Maleficent is openly antagonistic in her movie, we assume that she’d be the leader, and that’s just how it looks here.

    It’s worth checking out the art page for the extended author’s statement, complete with how this new background fits into their established storylines.

    They’re all Slytherins, which comes from some info from the sorting quiz on the official e-commerce and digital publishing site Pottermore.

    It says that the “real” Merlin belonged to the Snake House. That supports the idea that it isn’t just a villain factory, since he turned out to be a good guy.

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    The most low-key of crossovers
    Disney at Hogwarts 8-8 by eira1893

    We don’t think The Princess and the Frog got quite the credit it deserved when it first came out. However, luckily, fans have made up for that.

    This charming picture of Tiana and Naveen by Eira1893 is just the right amount of crossover. This is the eighth piece in the artist’s series, which is kind of funny once you read their statement.

    “I'm not a big fan of crossovers of any kind,” they say, “but for some reason I was just motivated to do this series.”

    That’s how powerful double-fanhood is. It can inspire even skeptics to put their preferences aside long enough to create a bunch of super pretty art.

    We don’t get any in-universe backstory for this one. That’s probably because even double-fanhood has its limits. However, Tiana is a kind and hard-working Hufflepuff, and Naveen is an ambitious Slytherin. These are solid choices, we think.

    Also, if we wanted to go full nerd here, we could probably guess which classes would be their favorites.

    Tiana would definitely excel at Potions, we think. It’s basically cooking, after all, and that’s her thing. With his shapeshifting history, Naveen would probably take an interest in Transfigurations because he could not resist that joke.

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    Don't look so surprised
    Hogwarts Yearbook Disgust by ericvonschweetz

    We’ve defended Slytherin a lot so far. Based on the events of the books, it’s easy to think that part of the whole four-house system at Hogwarts was to keep those gray-scarved jerks safely away from the good kids.

    However, when you think about it, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to decide that fully one-fourth of your student body is going to be evil.

    They just have different values, and they don’t all go bad. Remember that the series’ true hero, Severus Snape, was in there-- and he was only half a villain.

    Having said that, we agree with DeviantArtist EricVonSchweetz when they say that Disgust from Pixar’s “head trip” Inside Out is a straight-up snake person.

    It’s not just because she’s green, which is the house’s color, but that definitely helps.

    Of all the tiny creatures living inside Riley’s head, we know she’d be the one to go off if it came to it.That’s saying a lot considering that she shares skull space with Anger, who is just one wrong word away from grabbing the controls and making his host start breaking things.

    Anger’s probably a Hufflepuff, anyway, assuming they wanted to even risk putting the Sorting Hat on his fiery head in the first place.

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    Let the debating begin
    Disney Hogwarts Fourth Years by ninquetolliel

    This assortment of Disney Hogwarts students comes courtesy of artist Ninquetolliel. It’s a compilation of several individual pieces. Also, yes, they did this for every house and several years. In all, they created 64 pieces for this series, and the full line-up is pretty amazing.

    However, let’s focus on this group or we’ll be here all day. Ninquetolliel makes some different decisions with the sorting than we’ve seen elsewhere.

    Specifically, they make Tiana and Ariel into Slytherins and Naveen a Gryffindor. Since everything involved here is fictional, it’s hard to argue convincingly. So let’s just point out that they’re different and move on.

    The artist really digs deep on this series. This compilation alone includes characters from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Sword and the Stone, and Robin Hood.

    Also, since no characters in Robin Hood last movie are human, these versions are just shapeshifters. They’re only foxes sometimes, like when Professor McGonagall turns into a cat.

    This spread also includes a variety of non-anthropomorphic animal characters, and they get their own houses, of course.

    Were you wondering where the hat would put Dodger from Oliver & Company? You don’t have to. He’s in Slytherin. Tod from The Fox & the Hound? He’s in Gryffindor. We didn’t even realize Hogwarts accepted quadrupeds.

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    Well, one of them is magical, at least
    Hogwarts Frozen by claudcloud

    Here we have a gorgeous work by DeviantArt user Claudcloud, who imagines sisters Elsa and Anna from Frozen attending the school of magic.

    Elsa’s a pretty clear choice, considering that she spends the entire movie wielding magical ice powers that make Iceman from the X-Men look like… okay, that’s actually a pretty bad example because Iceman is usually pretty lame. However, they’re impressive, her ice powers.

    Anna’s a Muggle in the movie, but that obviously hasn’t stopped any of these other artists from having non-magical characters switch teams.

    It would be a shame to split them up after that whole journey of discovery and reconciliation they went through.

    In case you missed it, love is one of the most powerful magics of them all. Now that we think about it, the Harry Potter books make that same point. So that fits.

    The non-magical sister makes a proper Gryffindor thanks to her bravery and selflessness. Elsa’s a Slytherin almost by process of elimination because none of the other houses really fit for her.

    However, building a huge snow castle to live in alone after accidentally freezing an entire kingdom thanks to your long-repressed snow powers suddenly exploding is a pretty Slytherin move.

    It’s definitely something that members of that house would aspire to.

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    Okay, well that's cruel
    Mirror Mirror by isaiahstephens

    We expected this Disney Hogwarts art to be a lot of things. Cute, sure. Funny, sometimes. However, we didn’t think any of them would totally bum us out, but then Isaiah Stephens had to make this one.

    Disney fans will recognize Snow White in this picture. The Potter-obsessed will be able to name the enchanted object she’s gazing into. It’s the Mirror of Erised, which reveals the most desperate desires of anyone who looks at it.

    Snow White, like The Boy Who Lived, sees herself living happily with her proud parents. It made us sad when Harry saw it, and it makes us sad now.

    The two characters have a parallel backstory, really. They’re orphans living with people who openly resent and abuse them due to their own feelings of inferiority.

    Then they pass away for a while, but they’re alright in the end. These are basically the same story, give or take some House Elves.

    This piece is clever not just through the parallels it draws between heroes, but also the one it makes between Snow White and her own villain.

    The vain and emotionally needy Evil Queen checks in with her own magic mirror daily so it can tell her what she wants to hear, and the Mirror of Erised also offers shallow comfort to anyone who uses it.

    This may be the smartest fanart ever made.

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    Once more, with patronus
    Disney Hogwarts students - Gryffindor by willemijn1991

    This collection of students from the house of Gryffindor by willemijn1991 goes even a step beyond assignment. Not only does the artist place the Disney characters into the houses they best fit into, but they guess at which their protective Patronus charms would take.

    The Harry Potter universe’s Patronus is handy for warding off Dementors, telling people where important magical items are without alerting them to the fact that you’ve been a crafty double agent this whole time, and paying tribute to a lifelong, unrequited love.

    We also know that two of those three things describe Snape, but his spectral doe was hauling a lot of baggage.

    The idea behind making each user’s charm take a unique form has uses other than just providing another line to a character’s Wikipedia page.

    It also reveals something about the user’s personality or motivation. So this is probably an even harder thing to get “right” than a Disney character’s house assignment.

    This artist nails it, though. Pocahontas’ eagle and Mulan’s red panda feel just right for their characters.

    Also, Merida’s bear is especially clever, as it hints at her relationship with her mother and the emotional journey she follows during her movie.

    We were less sure about Rapunzel’s clownfish, but according to the artist, “They live in a hostile environment, just like our lovely Rapunzel, and people love them because they’re cute and funny.” So we’ll take it.

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    Drama in the dormitories
    Disney at Hogwarts 3-8 by eira1893

    This second entry by Eira1893 is even better than the Tiana and Naveen one, and it’s not just because it has more characters-- it’s also jam-packed with conflict.

    Most of these crossover pieces have everyone smiling, happy, and getting along, and that’s great. However, we also like to see some more dynamic relationships going on.

    Even Harry, Hermione, and Ron didn’t get along for all seven books, and they were super magic best friends.

    It looks like Merida and Rapunzel got into it for some reason, which was probably shampoo-related, and it fell to Flynn and Aladdin to break it up before someone ended up coughing up slugs for the rest of the day.

    Also, Aladdin is apparently using the distraction to steal a miniature version of Jafar’s staff out of Jasmine’s shoulder bag, which is also Aladdin’s “street rat” pants from the movie.

    If that’s not already too much to take in, just look at that tiny, cub Rajah. He’s onto you, Aladdin. He is as observant as he is adorable.

    Eira reveals some interesting trivia in the description. Specifically, Merida’s hair is incredibly difficult to draw, Rapunzel’s wand is made from the chair in her tower, and “this is not me shipping Aladdin and Merida. That needs to be explained.”

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    Well, they do love hard work
    Snow White Hufflepuff

    Fan blog Like a Disney Sir made its own batch of Disney Hogwarts student fanart. Their lineup of Hufflepuffs includes Tiana, Ariel, Cinderella, and this super fashionable Snow White.

    We assume that these picks are all due to the dual qualities of being hardworking and unafraid of toil. It makes sense because three of these four basically work in the service industry.

    Tiana has her restaurant work, sure. However, both Cinderella and Snow White wind up working as scullery maids for their wicked stepfamilies as punishment for just existing.

    Also, Snow White’s lot gets especially weird when you consider that she escaped all her maid work in the castle to go off into the forest and provide the same service for those weird dwarves. It’s like she can’t win.

    We do agree here, though-- Snow White is definitely a Hufflepuff. That’s not just because she spends her entire story without agency and is basically a side character with no dramatic arc, though.

    Those things are true for many, many Hufflepuffs, yes-- especially Cedric Diggory, who exists entirely to perish tragically at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    People are possibly even harder on this house than they are on Slytherin. But the Hufflepuffs are noble people and deserve respect.

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    The second most embarrassing moment of his life
    Beauty and the Boom by isaiahstephens

    Isaiah Stephens offers this look at Megara (Hercules), Beast, and Belle distilling some potions. Well, Beast is-- or he’s trying to, anyway. It seems to have gone wrong somewhere.

    Poor Beast. Magic has never really been his friend. First, that witch turned him from a handsome beast into an admittedly awesome-looking monster because he was rude to her.

    She changed his only companions into furniture and flatware. She also left that magic rose behind as a countdown to when he’d be stuck in that form, and that’s just too many bad experiences with magic.

    His streak continues here, as he appears to have cooked up something that has blown up in his face. It looks like it also made him all floofy.

    However, at least it didn’t burn his hair off because we’re not sure the world is ready to see that guy hairless.

    In the version of Disney Hogwarts that we’re forming in our minds, he, Rapunzel, and Merida hang out all the time and study hair maintenance tips-- or maybe it’s fur, in his case.

    In any event, we’re sure it’s a bunch of work to maintain. We’re sure he had to spend hours just researching the best spells to unclog shower drains.

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    The fandom hat trick
    The Big Four First Night at Hogwarts by yunnasukiga5

    The “Big Four” is a lineup of characters that animated-movie fans have decided are their favorites to draw together.

    Don’t confuse them with the world-spanning coalition of Woodrow Wilson, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Georges Clemenceau, and David Lloyd George, the leaders of the most powerful Allied nations in during World War I. That’s a different Big Four entirely, and a lot of people make that mistake.

    Fandom’s “Big Four” are representatives from some of the most popular movir properties on the internet, and they’re popular in crossover fiction like this picture by yunnasukiga5.

    The official lineup is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, Merida, and Rapunzel.

    Frozen’s Elsa and Anna have also joined the lineup since their movie came out. So it should be the “Big Six” now, but it isn’t. That’s just how the internet works, and we know these aren’t all Disney characters. We don’t make the rules.

    This picture even includes Flynn and Astrid, so we don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

    However, the idea here is that this big group hung out together on their first night at Hogwarts.

    Even after the Sorting Hat split them between all four houses, this group still sat together because their friendship is stronger than houses.

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    They'll probably just be friends, really
    A Part of Your Patronus by isaiahstephens

    Here is Isaiah Stephens’ take on the patronus charms of Disney Hogwarts students, and it’s a bit more literal than the one we’ve already seen.

    I looks like Mulan and Ariel are getting down to some wizard dueling here. However, they’re really just letting their ethereal spirit animals get to know each other. It’s adorable, and it’s good news for Ariel that they aren’t fighting because Mulan would definitely win.

    Their charms take the forms of the animal pals in their movies. Mulan’s is wisecracking dragon Mushu, and Ariel’s is the cute, friendly fish, Flounder.

    It’s probably a good thing in this case that spells don’t talk on their own, to be honest.

    However, if we think about it, Mushu’s nonstop tomfoolery might actually provide an extra deterrent for any Dementors looking to chow down on Mulan’s soul. It would just also be really annoying for everyone else.

    So obviously if we had to pick one of these, we’d go with Flounder. That’s even in spite of the fact that he’s so squirrelly and easily frightened that he probably wouldn’t even stick around once he saw the magical Grim Reaper headed for him.

    So really, neither of these charms is ideal, but we assume the form doesn’t necessarily affect function. Either would do, then, but Flounder is still slightly cuter.


    What do you think of these Disney crossovers? Are there any other images of characters reimagined as Hogwarts students that we need to see? Sound off in the comments!

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