5 Best & 5 Worst Disney Channel Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Disney Channel original movies range from fantastic to absolutely terrible, and Rotten Tomatoes has helped score each film.

With over one-hundred Disney Channel Original Movies, they have ranged from awful to excellent. Over the years, the films have been biographical, original, remakes, or based on novels. Some have been continuations of airing Disney Channel shows. The viewership of the movies span from under a million to 17.2 million, the highest-viewed Disney Channel Original Movie being High School Musical 2.

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While the primary demographic may have been younger audiences, the best films tended to be the ones that their parents and older kids enjoyed as well. The creation of Disney+ has allowed people of all ages to rewatch their favorite DCOMs and revisit the stories they loved years ago or recently. While audiences have had their own opinions of their favorite films, the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer may have other ideas.


Based on the television show of the same name, The Even Stevens Movie acts as the series finale to the show. Taking place on what the family believes is a luxury vacation, they soon find themselves fending on their own. They later learn the truth; everything that is happening to them is because it is a reality show. Unfortunately, the film acts as an odd finale to the show, given its location and disconnected story from the rest of the series. While the Stevens family come out on top in the end, it just did not measure up to what made sense for what could have been the show's true ending.


The central premise shows the children of Disney's classic villains separating themselves from their parents and finding their way in the world. Surrounded by the children of Disney's famous heroes, it was inevitable that Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay would find a person or thing to connect to while they attended Auradon.

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The first film of the trilogy has the most linear plot, showing the transformation and growth that all the characters go through as the villain kids adjust to a new way of life, and the residents of Auradon adapt to them.


After the success of High School Musical, Disney Channel was eager to create another franchise success. Camp Rock was a promising concept featuring newcomer at the time Demi Lovato and thriving pop band, the Jonas Brothers. While the film did well in viewership, it did not receive the same praise or response as High School Musical. While the music was catchy, staying in its lane of keeping music specific to performances, the story did not have the heart or relatability that people found in other Disney Channel Original Movies. Overall, it was a fun film that earned itself a sequel.


Jenny Parker and Lola Perez could not be more different. One drives fast. The other sticks to the speed limit. Jenny is a stickler for the rules, and Lola is excited by adventure. Disney reboots a classic in its one-hundredth original movie. The film was a milestone for the network, and it portrayed the two teenage girls forced to work together when the kids they need to babysit run wild. The film takes the kids on a wild journey as they attempt to get home before their parents realize what happened.


Building from the previous film, the Cheetah Girls are ready for more than just their high school talent show, traveling to Spain to participate in Barcelona's Summer Music Festival. The first of the Cheetah Girls franchise to go global makes its mark in a big way, showcasing everything Spain has to offer.

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The film has the series' catchiest soundtrack and most innovative choreography. Unfortunately, the story does not hold up to the original; in fact, there may be a few too many similarities. Although it has been two years since their interactions with Jackal Johnson, Galleria still manages to have the same characteristics that broke the group apart back then. While her determination is an ingrained part of who she is and useful at times as it keeps the group on track, she comes on a bit too strong at points, making it seem like her character has not grown that much.


Kim Possible was a successful animated sitcom to the point where the show was renewed for a last season after Kim Possible: So The Drama due to audience demand. Fans had mixed reactions when Disney announced that they would be rebooting the popular series as a live-action film. When the movie finally aired, fans were once again split down the middle between being unsatisfied and finding something in it to enjoy. While the film did not have the same charm as the original series, it did keep the spirit of the world and its characters. There were also nods and Easter eggs to the original series, including what was written on the board outside Middleton High School.


Another Halloween movie with a twist shows Cameron and Alex discovering not only are they twins, they are also witches. Trying to navigate both at once is a bit difficult, but it becomes a more significant problem once they learn about Coventry. Coventry is the land they were meant to grow up, and it is in danger of succumbing to the Darkness, with only Alex and Cameron's birth mother, Miranda, able to protect it. While her husband, Thantos, is around as well, he is significantly less helpful, especially when the twins realize that Thantos is controlling the darkness. Overcoming their fear of the magical world, they use their powers to defeat their uncle. The movie is funny and has its moments of emotional interactions between characters, leading to its sequel, Twitches Too.


A typical day playing Platypult turns into a journey within another dimension when Phineas and Ferb help Dr. Doofenshmirtz finish his Other Dimension-Inator. Excited, the three and Perry go through the portal to find this is a world where Dr. Doofenshmirtz succeeded in taking over the tri-state area.

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It is only fun and games for so long until Phineas and Ferb discover that Perry is a secret agent. Feeling betrayed, Phineas and Ferb are devastated to know that Perry had lied to them for years. The film also incorporates some of the best parts of what the show is known for. The songs are catchy, the dialogue is witty, and the story and tone are just what one would expect from Phineas and Ferb.


Protecting a member of the royal family can be difficult, especially if they move into your house. Average teenager Carter Mason must find a way to relate to her home's new resident when Princess Rosalinda of Costa Luna must hide after refusing to separate from Carter's father, Major Mason. Rosalinda renamed Rosie, enters the world of high school to keep up her image as Carter's cousin. Together, as they bond, the two find ways to relate to each other and eventually become close friends. While family is essential in the movie, its primary focus in on the budding friendship between two such different individuals, and how they grow together.


Based on a true story, the Dellums host a young exchange student. While Mahree learns she will be staying with a Congressman and his family, Piper is excited to be hosting a South African girl her age. However, both are shocked to discover that their assumptions are not reality. Mahree is surprised to learn the Congressman and his family are a black family, and Piper and her family could not be more astonished that their South African exchange student is white. Set in 1977, Mahree and Piper struggle to find common ground before eventually becoming close friends. The film never shies away from racism or political issues, investing a lot of time to referencing South African anti-apartheid activist Stephen Biko. As one of Disney Channel's most direct films, it is emotional and intelligent, showing the messages and relevance of understanding another point of view, the importance of freedom, and grasping that slavery and racism are always wrong.

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