Disney Channel's Even Stevens: The 10 Worst Episodes (According to IMDb)

Even Stevens is one of the most celebrated Disney Channel shows of the 2000s, but that doesn't mean every episode was a slam dunk.

Even Stevens falls in a group of beloved Disney Channel shows during the early 2000s. The series consistently brought chaos through Louis' scams and highlighted the problems between brothers and sisters through Louis and Ren. During its best moments, the show allowed its characters to set aside their issues and work things out together.

However, not every episode of the series achieves that. Some of their worst events embody the character's worst traits. While they are young and people make mistakes, some episodes make a point to address that and integrate it into the story. Other times, they may try, but it falls flat or does not add that much. These are the top ten worst episodes, according to IMDb.

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10 Boy On A Rock (7.4)

In the aftermath of Twitty's breakup with his girlfriend Allison, Louis is nervous when he believes Allison has moved on to crushing on him. Uncertain of what to do, he relies on two older men that bicker out his choices in his brain. Even though Louis does not want to hurt Twitty, he remains drawn to Allison and agrees to meet her at a park. Although Louis does tell her that he does not want to be in a relationship with her because of Twitty, Allison corrects his thinking, saying to Louis that she does not want to date Louis, she wants to paint him.

9 My Best Friend's Girlfriend (7.3)

Jealous about the amount of time Twitty is spending with his new girlfriend Allison, Louis decides to make Tom his new best friend. They are not compatible, though, and the choice quickly derails. Ren and Donnie become competitive after Ren beats Donnie during a rock climbing wall contest.

Frustrated by not being the best, Donnie turns everything into a battle between him and his sister, determined to prove he is the fastest. Tired of the competition, they agree to have a rematch on the rock wall. Donnie's lack of sportsmanship towards his sister was not the most healthy attribute during the episode, and neither was Louis and Twitty's disregard of Tom as a person, and his quirks.

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8 Model Principal (7.3)

Louis and Twitty's scam to be rid of Mr. Wexler works a little too well when Mr. Wexler leaves to become a model, leaving the pacifist vice principal in his place. However, after Ren confronts him, the new principal becomes a worse problem. He goes overboard, humiliating students for not just the problems they create in class, but aspects of who they are a people. Determined to get rid of him, Louis and Ren band together to get Mr. Wexler his job back and be relieved of their new principal for good.

7 Devil Mountain (7.2)

Ren's father takes Ren, Bobby, and a few other classmates on a mountain to bird watch. While Ren wants to go with Bobby, her father separates them, deciding to pair off Bobby with Mandy and Ren with him. However, Ren, Ruby, and Nelson believe that Mandy is interested in dating Bobby and is planning on stealing him from Ren.

Upset, Ren uses her binoculars to spy on Bobby and Mandy. Meanwhile, Louis and Twitty mistreat Tom after his pizza oven breaks. It is only after Tawny admits that Louis and Twitty had disappointed her that the two boys decide to make things good with Tom.

6 Your Toast (7.1)

Ren's new job creates problems for her friend Ruby and her co-workers when Ren quickly gets promotions. Ren's co-workers get tired of working with her, upset that Ruby got fired. When Larry appears with many customers, Ren is forced to step up to the plate when both her co-workers take a break against Ren's wishes. Louis' drummer dreams become an annoyance to his family when he is only smashing the drums with no rhythm. Even after taking lessons, the first thing he is taught after getting hyped up is the book he is required to read to grasp rhythm.

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5 Love And Basketball (7.1)

Donnie and Louis fight over which of them should coach a little league basketball team. While Donnie has a strong belief in hard work and a lot of practicing, Louis is more laid back, wanting the kids to enjoy themselves by eating pizza and relaxing. Both of their desires backfire when the kids do not want to practice with Donnie but also do not like the way Louis is coaching them. Deciding to put drop their rivalry, Donnie and Louis come together to coach the kids as a team. Meanwhile, Ren impatiently waits for her first kiss with Bobby.

4 Thin Ice (7.0)

After finding out that Bobby may be calling Ren, she excitedly waits for his call. When she eventually receives it, Ren is thrilled and agrees to go to an ice skating party with Bobby that Friday. But, due to old family friends moving back to town, Ren is being dragged into going to dinner with them and their son, Nelson. Not wanting to miss her date, Ren lies to get out of dinner with her family to go on a date with Bobby. Also creating problems are Louis and Twitty. Making prank phone calls is their new favorite pastime, and they excitedly try to pull one over on Tawny and her father, making them believe they won a million dollars.

Afterward, Tawny tells the boys that she and her father are moving to Paris because they can afford it. Watching Tawny and her father get into a limo, Louis and Twitty come clean. However, Tawny and her father laugh them off, revealing they had caller ID and knew it was them.

3 Bean On The Brain (7.0)

Louis' attraction to Bean's cousin, Chris, becomes a problem when Louis pushes Beans away to spend time alone with her. After agreeing to the three of them spending time on a gondola, Louis breaks the promise and takes Chris out alone. The two of them have an excellent time, and it leans towards a romantic atmosphere until Louis sees Beans' face on Chris' body.

He is horrified and refuses to tell anyone about it until Tawny drags it out of him. When Tawny makes Louis realize that it is his guilt eating at him for disregarding his friend, Louis decides to make it up to Beans. However, other than a short scene of Beans destroying Louis' bedroom, there is not a real reconciliation between the two, but they seem to move on anyway.

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2 Little Mr. Sacktown (6.9)

Ren ends up in the middle of a fight between her friends Monique and Ruby after Monique reveals that the pen Ruby uses is Monique's that was never returned. While Ren tries to get Ruby to remember that she never returned the pen, it does not play out the way she wanted, and it becomes a problem during a test.

After Monique and Ruby have worked it out, they show up to Ren's house with another pen for her as a gift and apology. Meanwhile, Louis' plan to have Beans win Little Mr. Sacktown go, rogue, when Beans overhears Louis insulting him. However, Louis, Twitty, and Tawny all show up at the competition to support Beans, who comes in second place.

1 Head games (6.8)

Finally getting a chance to pitch, Twitty successfully pulls off a win during his first game. Unfortunately, Louis' comments get inside Twitty's head, causing him to freak out and not play to his full ability. After Louis and Tawny's attempt to make Twitty feel better fails, they bring in Donnie. Donnie's suggestion is to bring Twitty to the same spa Donnie had gone to, which had calmed his nerves down awhile back.

While the spa is not what Donnie remembered, a soak in the mud is still enough to calm Twitty down and allows him to play well again. Ren, on the other hand, is excited to sit next to Bobby on the way to a field trip. Nelson creates a problem when he sits down next to her, causing Ruby to develop strategies that move around every kid on the bus. After failing multiple times, Nelson and Bobby work out their own small scheme to get Bobby next to Ren.

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