15Lizzie McGuire is Schizophrenic

Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire

Imagine that Lizzie McGuire is really about Lizzie, a girl with schizophrenia, trying to fit in at a normal school. Lizzie’s iconic animated alter-ego is actually a manifestation of her schizophrenia, and thus is one of the many voices inside her head. In the show, the animated Lizzie

tends to appear when Lizzie is stressed, which resembles how stressful situations can trigger schizophrenic episodes.

Also, Miranda isn’t real. She’s another voice in Lizzie’s head. At the end of the series, Miranda disappears for a “family vacation.” However, what if Lizzie was just put on meds that caused her imaginary friend to disappear?

After being prescribed medication, Lizzie was allowed to go to Rome. However, the excitement triggered a relapse. She saw how much Isabella looked like her, so Lizzie started hallucinating that she was with Paolo.

Because of her hallucinations, her family had to come get her and she was put on bed rest. She started watching the International Music Awards, and once again hallucinates that she is performing with Paolo. This explains why they’re singing in English when they’re in Rome.

Her parents then take her home and pull her out of public school, which is why the series ended.

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