15 Darkest Disney Channel Fan Theories

From drug cartels to murder to mental illness, these dark Disney Channel fan theories will ruin your childhood. Read on... if you dare.

Warning: reading this article may destroy your childhood. Continue reading at your own risk.

For many of us, our childhood was marked by family wizard competitions, psychic teenagers, and identical twins running around a hotel. Disney Channel shows defined our youth and made sure that we were filled with laughter and joy every day after school. Well, that fluffy, euphoric image is about to be shattered into tiny little pieces.

Disney fans aren’t all “unicorns and rainbows.” In fact, some of us have dark, twisted minds that have changed the view of the Disney Channel from sunshine and rainbows to thunderstorms and darkness.

These inquisitive fans developed dark theories about the shows we grew up watching, and created new storylines that will change the way you see your favorite childhood shows forever. These theories are thought-provoking and get us thinking about topics you would never think Disney could or would explore, such as mental illness, death, and drugs.

So, get ready to have your mind blown and your childhood ruined. In no particular order, here are the 15 Darkest Disney Channel Fan Theories.

15 Lizzie McGuire is Schizophrenic

Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire

Imagine that Lizzie McGuire is really about Lizzie, a girl with schizophrenia, trying to fit in at a normal school. Lizzie’s iconic animated alter-ego is actually a manifestation of her schizophrenia, and thus is one of the many voices inside her head. In the show, the animated Lizzie tends to appear when Lizzie is stressed, which resembles how stressful situations can trigger schizophrenic episodes.

Also, Miranda isn’t real. She’s another voice in Lizzie’s head. At the end of the series, Miranda disappears for a “family vacation.” However, what if Lizzie was just put on meds that caused her imaginary friend to disappear?

After being prescribed medication, Lizzie was allowed to go to Rome. However, the excitement triggered a relapse. She saw how much Isabella looked like her, so Lizzie started hallucinating that she was with Paolo.

Because of her hallucinations, her family had to come get her and she was put on bed rest. She started watching the International Music Awards, and once again hallucinates that she is performing with Paolo. This explains why they’re singing in English when they’re in Rome.

Her parents then take her home and pull her out of public school, which is why the series ended.

14 Zack and Cody are in the Illuminati & London Is a Witch

Fans have found subtle cues that suggest Zack and Cody are in the Illuminati. In the “Nugget of History” episode, the words “The Illuminati” are written on the chalkboard. Also, in the “Snakes on a Boat” episode of The Suite Life on Deck, Zack tells Cody that the number six is the ultimate answer to any girl’s question. He then continues to explain why the number is important, repeating it three times – 666.

Another theory explains why London Tipton is not so “smarticle”-- it’s because she’s a wizard from Hogwarts interning in the muggle world. In The Suite Life on Deck, London freaks out when Voldemort is mentioned. To some fans, this was proof that she was transplanted from the wizarding world, and simply doesn’t understand the muggle way of life. Her stupidity is just ignorance.

Some theories go on to explain that London’s father is actually an immortal being, much like Voldemort once was. This is why he has been married so many times. According to the theory, he was around for the building of the Tipton hotel in the 1930s, and the Tipton Inn during the Boston Tea Party. This would make him far older than any mortal.

13 Hannah Montana Had No Friends & Her Wig Had Mind Control Powers

Although his daughter sang about it, Billy Ray Cyrus knew that you can’t get the best of both worlds. So, this theory suggests that he hired paid actors, Lilly and Oliver to play the roles of Hannah’s best friends in Hannah Montana so that  she could have a “normal life.”

Miley actually didn’t have any real friends, and Lilly and Oliver knew her identity all along, but the money kept them quiet. Some theories suggest that they lived the lie so long that that they started believing it themselves.

Also, ever wonder how a simple wig could disguise Hannah Montana’s identity? Well, another theory suggests that Hannah’s wig had mind control powers. When she put it on, people believed anything she said.

Her dad also had a mustache with mind-control powers that backed up any of Hannah’s claims. Who’s to say she was really a star at all? Maybe it was all just part of her mind-control powers.

12 Proud Snax is a Front for Drugs

The Proud Family was a hilariously dysfunctional family that we all loved to watch, but what if they were more dysfunctional then we thought?

Have you ever wondered how Oscar Proud makes money despite his Proud Snax being awfully disgusting? Well, about a year ago, Reddit user digikun developed a believable theory that has changed the way we see the Proud family forever.

Proud Snax is actually a front for drug cartels. The cookies and snacks the company makes are drugs, which is why people generally get sick when they taste them. It also explains how Oscar can make money for something so disgusting.

Then, there’s the Boulevardez family that live next door. They have money, despite the mom being a police officer and the dad never being able to hold down a steady job. Felix, the dad, is constantly working with Oscar on his “projects”, which suggests that Felix may be the one that got Oscar into the drug game.

Felix saw that Proud Snax weren't doing well, so he moved in next door to entice Oscar with his steaks and big-screen TV so that they could use Proud Snax as a front.

11 The Magic in Wizards of Waverly Place Causes Brain Damage

Alex, Justin, and Max Russo all had special quirks that made them who they were, and made Wizards of Waverly Place an extremely entertaining show. However, one theory suggests that these aren’t quirks, but rather mental illnesses brought on by their use of magic.

In this theory, using magic is dangerous and causes brain damage. Because of magic, Alex has developed narcissism, Justin has OCD and control issues, and Max is, well, slow. The more the siblings use magic, the stronger the brain damage is.

Since Justin only uses magic when it’s necessary, his brain is only slightly damaged. Alex’s mind is degenerating faster because she treats magic almost like a deity. However, this doesn’t explain why Max’s brain is basically melting. Maybe it’s because magic has a much stronger effect on younger children?

10 Mr. Feeny is God

Have you ever noticed that, in Boy Meets World, Mr. Feeny is literally always there when the kids need him? He also always has a life lesson up his sleeve. Maybe it’s because Feeny is really God.

Mr. Feeny has been Cory Matthews’ teacher every year since kindergarten and even lives next door to the Matthews. He’s there whenever the Matthews’-- Shawn and Topanga-- need direction and guidance, especially when making big life decisions – just like God.

Sometimes one of the kids will walk outside to think or be alone, and in comes Mr. Feeny to help them reach their answer. Eric has even run outside at times yelling Feeny’s name and he appears, just like that. Feeny seems to always be there, always watching.

To add to the theory, Mr. Feeny has always taught classes associated with finding the meaning of life such as English, History, and Physics.

9 Ford from Gravity Falls and Rick from Rick and Morty Are Mortal Enemies

Gravity Falls is no doubt full of hidden symbols that have sent fans on wild hunts. However, one interesting question that was not answered at the end of the series was the relationship between Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty.

In Gravity Falls, Ford is known to have travelled to different dimensions. However, his universe portal is only seen traveling to one other dimension. So, how has he been to others? Fans say the answer lies with Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.

In the “Society of the Blind Eye” episode, Grunkle Stan’s notepad, pen, and mug, are flung into the universe portal. In an episode of Rick and Morty called “Close Encounter of the Rick Kind”, these items are flung out of a portal. We can tell the mug is the same by the “?” on it. There is also a wanted posted in Gravity Falls: Journal 3 with a ciphered message that says “Rick was here.”

These clues led fans to believe Rick and Ford worked together to travel between universes. However, what if there is a more darker theory. One reddit user suggests the two are actually mortal enemies and Ford stole Rick’s portal gun.

8 Derek and Casey from Life with Derek Were “Family with Benefits”

Some of you may not remember the show, but Life with Derek was a Canadian-based Disney show about two families coming together. If you do remember the show, though, there’s no doubt that you remember the awkward chemistry between Derek and Casey.

There were times during the show when Derek awkwardly made subtle hints at their relationship, or desire for a relationship. For example, in one episode, Casey says “Derek, you are the most annoying brother,” and Derek responds with “STEP brother” to point out the fact that they aren’t blood related. Many viewers picked up on these subtle hints and developed a universe where the two were “more than just family.”

The theory isn’t too far off from the truth though, according to Michael Seater, the actor who played Derek. He told fans that there was a spinoff planned called Life With Derek, Again that explores the relationship. He said, “I can tell you the pilot started with Casey and Derek in bed together… [but] I’m not going to tell you the context of it”.

The show never happened though, so, alas, we will never know the true story of Casey and Derek.

7 Dr. Doofenshmirtz is Phineas’ Real Dad

Have you ever noticed the uncanny similarities between Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Phineas in Phineas and Ferb? This theory sets out the explain why they’re so alike.

In the show, it was revealed that Linda, Phineas and Candace’s mom, went on one date with Dr. Doofenshmirtzs. The date didn’t go well, and according to Doofenshmirtz, they never saw each other again. However, what if he just lied to cover up the fact that he is actually Phineas’ dad?

Let’s face it – the two of them are very similar. They’re both extremely smart and have a knack for building inventions. Is intelligence hereditary? Also, they’re both the only characters in the universe that have triangular-shaped heads. Coincidence, or genetics?

The writers have come out to say that Doofenshmirtz is not Phineas’ father, and that the father has never been seen in any of the episodes. However, many fans choose to believe what they want to make the story more interesting.

6 Jessie is the Kids’ Mother

Jessie does a lot for the kids she nannies in Jessie – far more than any normal nanny would do. However, maybe she isn’t doing it out of the goodness of her heart-- maybe, she’s building up to something.

One theory suggests that Jessie is older than the kids think and is, in fact, their mother. Emma Ross is the only biological child of the Ross parents, so she isn’t involved in the theory. However, the other children were all adopted.

According to the theory, the adopted children were all Jessie’s kids from multiple different fathers around the world. Now that she’s older, she became their babysitter in order to get to know them, and was eventually going to tell them the truth.

This theory, however, doesn’t have much evidence and is a little more far-fetched than the others on this list. For one, it doesn’t explain how all the kids ended up in one family. Also, Jessie would have been at least 32 by the end of the series.

Nevertheless, anything can happen with a spoonful of sugar and a bit of Disney magic.

5 Wizards of Waverly Place Is Set in a World Where Voldemort Beat Harry Potter

Underneath all the family values and fun themes in Wizards of Waverly Place, the Russo’s live in a dark world. Leprechauns are kept in cages, elves are named based on the job they will have, and tutors can’t revisit the families they once taught.

This world directly contradicts the wizarding world that Harry Potter fought for. Therefore, some fans believe the Russos live in a universe where “He Who Must Not be Named” defeated Harry Potter.

This theory explains why Alex uses her powers for “evil” and self-gain, yet still comes out looking like a hero. It also explains why family members must compete against each other for the sole position of full family wizard. Neither can live, while the other survives.

Wizards also can’t marry non-wizards in Wizards of Waverly Place, which portrays Voldemort’s disdain for muggles. Additionally, in one episode, it was revealed that there are 11 magical rules within this world, and if the kids broke one, the council would break their hands so they wouldn’t be able to hold a wand again. This definitely sounds like the work of the Dark Lord.

Also, haven’t you noticed the odd resemblance between Professor Krum and Dumbledore?

4 Phineas is Dead & Lives Only in Candace’s Mind

Why can’t Candace ever prove the odd things that Phineas does? Maybe it’s because Phineas isn’t real.

In this dark theory, Phineas was bullied during school, and one day, one bully took things too far, and beat Phineas to death. Candace couldn’t handle the death of her brother, so she built a world in her mind where Phineas is still alive and goes on adventures with their disabled brother, Ferb.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is Candace’s psychologist that she goes to see every week. However, the money for the psychologist was taking a toll on the family, so Candace’s mother decided to write down all the fantastical stories Candace told, and sold them to Disney. Thus, the television series Phineas and Ferb was born.

3 Ron from Kim Possible Has Asperger’s Syndrome

Kim Possible is the star of Kim Possible, hence the name. However, what if she’s just a supporting character in the real-life story of Ron Stoppable?

Ron Stoppable’s poor social skills, dislike of change, inability to understand euphemisms, tendency to fixate on things, and vast trivial knowledge has convinced some fans that he has Asperger’s Syndrome.

The show is not about Kim Possible, but instead the view of life through the eyes of Ron, a kid with Asperger’s. All the villains in the show are not actually villains, but simply the way that Ron sees people. He doesn’t like social interactions, so people seem scary to him.

Kim Possible befriended Ron at a young age and started protecting and sheltering him from life’s struggles. So, to Ron, she is a superhero, fighting against the evil villains in his life. What about Rufus, the naked mole rat? He’s actually Ron’s service animal.

2 The Kids from Recess are All Ghosts

Have you ever noticed that the Recess kids never age? Some fans believe that this is because they’re actually dead.

TJ attended Third Street School during the Great Depression. He staged a walkout in protest of budget cuts but was hit by an ice cream truck. His spirit still lives on to encourage kids to fight for their rights.

Mikey started in 1929 but was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He became depressed and ate chocolate to cope. This led to a diabetic coma and he died of a heart attack. He now haunts the playground, hungrier than ever.

Spinelli started school in 1933 as the fighter. However, one fight ultimately killed her. She joined the gang as their bodyguard. Additionally, Gus was constantly bullied and beat. One day, while walking home, he collapsed and died.

Gretchen started school in 1962 and won science awards every year, until Becky Benson stole her project. Gretchen then committed suicide by gunshot to the head. Vince, on the other hand, aspired to be an NBA player, but suffered a career-ending injury. He attempted to kill himself and was sent to an asylum where he died.

Because of these tragedies, the school shut down. However, the ghosts live on.

1 Raven’s Psychic Powers are Hallucinations

In That’s So Raven, Raven’s psychic powers are hereditary. She has an aunt, Auntie Fey, who also has the same powers. However, one theory suggests the visions aren’t powers. They’re actually hallucinations associated with schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is hereditary and Raven inherited it because her aunt had it. She hallucinates from time to time, and refers to the hallucinations as “visions.” However, schizophrenia and hallucinations are not the only dark part of Raven’s life.

The theory suggests that Raven and Corey were fraternal twins. However, Raven killed him in the womb. Raven’s aunt blamed Raven for Corey’s death and constantly mocked her. She called her a “greedy, ravenous b---h,” hence how Raven got her name. The theory goes on to say that Auntie Fey raped Raven, which is why Raven’s dad is hesitant to let Raven see her aunt in “Country Cousins”.

The traumatic event caused Raven to erase everything from her mind, therefore creating a world where Corey still lives. She has visions that he is still around, and this is why Corey is the perfect stereotype of an annoying brother in the show. He is what Raven imagines a brother would act like.


Were you convinced by any of these dark Disney Channel fan theories? Do you have any of your own to add? Let us know in the comments!

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