Every Movie Franchise Disney Has Bought From Fox

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic

Many Award Winning Movies

It may not be as big as some things, but Disney has purchased a catalog that runs back to 1935. It includes some of the most beloved films of all time, and a whole host of award-winners such as How Green Was My Valley, The Sound of Music, Titanic, and Moulin Rouge! These movies would definitely add a certain degree of prestige to Disney's streaming service.

The Chronicles of Narnia

chronicles of narnia lion witch wardrobe 10 best movies adapted from YA novels

While Disney co-produced the first two Chronicles of Narnia films, the third came from Fox. With the films now united under the Disney banner, it seems likely they'll be paired up. Unfortunately for future movies, the C.S. Lewis Company has since moved on; The Silver Chair is being made by the Mark Gordon Company, Sony's TriStar Productions, and Entertainment One. Unless Disney can reach a fresh agreement with the C.S. Lewis Company, we're unlikely to see the House of Mouse co-produce and distribute further Narnia films.

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Fight Club

Brad Pitt in Fight Club

As incredible as it may seem, Fight Club has become a Disney property. It's worth remembering that this is one of the most controversial films of the '90s, inspiring unsanctioned fight clubs all across the US. Some argue that the movie even inspired pipe bomber Luke Helder. Whatever your opinion on those claims, Fight Club underscores the case for an adult version of the streaming service if it's to be included online.

Independence Day

Independence Day - Cropped

Although 1996's Independence Day is rightly viewed as a classic sci-fi disaster movie, Fox's attempt to establish this as a full-on franchise didn't go so well, with the sequel bombing in 2016. It's doubtful that Disney will revisit this, so we'll have to settle for seeing the iconic aliens destroy monuments on the streaming service instead.


Mash Pilot

It's worth calling out that Disney now owns the distribution rights to M*A*S*H*, one of the highest-rated shows in US television history. Running from 1972 to 1983, the series followed a team of doctors and support staff stationed at a military base in South Korea during the South Korean War. Quite how Disney would opt to handle it is hard to say, but it's undeniably powerful to an entire generation.

The Maze Runner

Cast of The Maze Runner

This is an odd one. Maze Runner: The Death Cure will close off this franchise in January 2018, and given the delay it getting it to the big screen as well as the books signifying a finite end, that means it's pretty much over with little room for extension. However, it does have its audience and so definitely can slot into the back catalog.

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Key TV Shows

Legion FX Banner

Under the terms of the Disney/Fox deal, 21st Century Fox retains its commercial broadcast network, Fox. However, Disney now owns the company that produces, co-produces or distributes many of the Fox series. We'll possibly see them switch channels to those owned by the House of Mouse, and they'll surely appear on the Disney streaming service.

And TV is the real core of the deal here. Rival streaming service Netflix consistently invests more advertising its TV shows than its movies. This is because the episodic nature of a series leads to repeated engagement with the streaming service, whereas most viewers only watch the same movie every now and again.

Disney's purchase includes countless iconic TV shows, ranging from Family Guy to The Simpsons. The adult nature of their humor reinforces the case for parental controls. Other ongoing shows affected by the sale include The GiftedLegion, American Horror StoryThe Orville, NBC's This Is Us, and ABC's Modern Family. Meanwhile, the streaming service could also gain an impressive catalog of shows, include 24 and Prison Break.

It's also worth noting that Disney now owns a 60 percent stake in Hulu, giving the company controlling ownership of a rival streaming service. It's possible that Disney will use Hulu as a home for programs that don't fit its plans for its own service. Unfortunately, there may be a risk of violating antitrust laws, which could force Disney and Fox to leave the venture. We'll have to wait and see what happens there.

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One further wrinkle is the fact that Disney is also purchasing Fox's share in the European pay-TV giant Sky TV. Fox has made repeated attempts at taking over Sky, but British regulators have been reluctant to approve this. Analysts believe Disney would be better positioned than Fox to purchase the remaining shares. That move would give Disney a whole new distribution channel in Europe.

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