What Does the Disney/Fox Deal Mean For Gotham & Lucifer?

Which Fox Shows Could Change Networks?

The big operating theory is that Gotham may go to The CW. The fact that Supergirl moved there after being canceled on CBS may seem like a precedent but Kara's series was created and produced by the Arrowverse team, had explicit ties to the universe, and was on a network that co-owns The CW. Gotham, meanwhile, has absolutely no connection. Luckily, there's another precedent it could follow: Constantine.

When NBC threw in the towel on its DC TV show, fans assumed it would be snatched up by The CW. That didn't exactly happen, but the character was brought into the fold with an appearance on Arrow. He's also about to have a role on Legends of Tomorrow following a cameo in the midseason finale, and 2018 will provide Constantine with his own animated series on the CW Seed. What's more, the streaming arm of The CW exclusively owns all of the episodes of the former Constantine show.

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At the very least, we could see Gotham and Lucifer move their back catalog to Seed. Beyond that, The CW could decide to continue the show on their main network or the streaming site. By doing so, fans may finally get an Arrow/Gotham crossover that unites Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen. But with The CW already producing so much superhero content, it may be down to Netflix to save the day.

Ben McKenzie in Gotham

Long before Netflix ruled the television landscape with its original series, it bought up the U.S. rights to various international shows. This not only gave them a slew of anime series, but a number of hit British shows as well. The streaming service has also regularly revived fallen shows, including Fox's Arrested Development, and picked up series after they were canceled. The most notable of these moves came when Netflix aired the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars - interestingly, in the wake of Disney buying Lucasfilm - and their recent ordering of two seasons of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


Any one of the Fox shows with an undetermined future could easily be brought to Netflix (or The CW and NBC, respectively) if they're canceled in the fallout of the deal. In the meantime, however, it seems safe to assume GothamLuciferLethal Weapon, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will all get at least one more season while the dust settles on this monumental merger.

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