Rumor: Disney Eyes Brie Larson For Snow White Spinoff Rose Red

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Walt Disney Studios is rumored to be eyeing Brie Larson to play the title role in their live-action Snow White spinoff movie, Rose Red. The original Snow White was famously made by Disney (then-known as Walt Disney Productions) way back in 1937, and it was the first animated film of its kind. Adapting the classic German fairy-tale from the Brothers Grimm, it proved all doubters wrong and became an iconic smash hit, both critically and financially.

Since then, the character has been adapted and updated in various different ways. Most recently, she was played by Kristen Stewart in the action-orientated adventure film, Snow White and the Huntsman, and by Ginnifer Goodwin in ABC's Once Upon a Time. There have also been numerous spins on the legend in plenty of other shows and films, including the horror and comedy genres. However, reports have indicated that the latest movie will be an entirely different take on the original Disney film, much in the same way that Maleficent re-imagined Sleeping Beauty. News about a live-action Snow White spinoff circulated back in 2016, but little has been heard since then - until now.

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Disney Film Facts reports that the long-gestating movie, Rose Red, is moving forward and that the studio is eyeing Brie Larson to play the title role of Snow White's sister. The plot is said to branch out of the original Disney animated movie, but will take place moments after Snow White ate the poisoned apple given to her by the wicked Queen. As she lies in a death-like state, her sister Rose Red embarks on a quest with the Seven Dwarfs to find a way to break the curse. The plot is based on an original script from Justin Merz (The Boxcar Children), with updates from screenwriter Evan Daugherty (Tomb Raider, Snow White and the Huntsman) to bring it closer to the animated film's narrative.

Disney plans Snow White sister movie Red Rose

In terms of the original stories, Rose Red was actually sister to a different Snow White and not the one who met the Dwarfs. But this is a new treatment (possibly adapted from the German fairy-tale, Snow-White and Rose-Red), and it looks to tell a different kind of story. The film has certainly been in development for some time, but there's still no confirmation regarding a director, cast, or a release date. Larson herself has a link with Disney, due to her upcoming work in Captain Marvel for Marvel Studio films, so it's not implausible. It would not only be a great casting choice but also provide plenty of interest for the project if proven true, but the news has yet to be confirmed (or denied).

If the production does come together, however, it will join a large roster of other live-action imaginings of classic Disney animated films, such as the upcoming The Sword in the Stone, Lady and the Tramp, and Mulan, plus many others. Even if Larson isn't cast, it's highly likely that the project will eventually be filmed with another lead at some point. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Source: Disney Film Facts

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