The 10 Best Disney Romances, Ranked

The world is full of wonderful Disney flicks, and while some feature real humans and some star animals, the most iconic are the ones about animated princesses. These leading ladies have funny sidekicks, memorable songs and, of course, love stories. Yes, Disney princesses can inspire fans in so many ways, but the romance is a big deal and a big appeal!

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That being said, it is time to rank these stories. From Beauty and the Beast to A Goofy Movie, let's consider the couples themselves, their story and circumstances, and see who's worthy of being considered one of the best Disney couples ever.

10 Princess Aurora And Prince Phillip

In Sleeping Beauty, fans meet Princess Aurora, who is cursed by Maleficent; the girl falls into a deep sleep that can only be ended with true love's kiss. This is a classic tale, one that has been referenced, parodied, retold and admired for years and years.

Of course, the true love here is Prince Phillip, a dashing man who saves the day and whisks the princess away. It is a feel-good story with iconic moments and characters (the good, the bad and the fairies, as well), and the two stars live happily ever after. Aren’t all Disney characters supposed to do that anyway?

9 Max Goof And Roxanne

A Disney movie that is not as iconic but still super lovable is A Goofy Movie. It is about Goofy and his son Max, who has a crush on a girl named Roxanne. She is pretty and popular, while Max is, well, a goof.

She notices him, though, due to a prank at school, and he realizes that he could maybe have a chance with her… but his dad, dear ol’ Goofy, just wants father-son time. This romance makes the list because it's so unlike the others, and far more relatable for people who are not royal and possibly not perfect.

8 Rapunzel And Flynn Rider

Rapunzel’s story has been told over and over, such as when Tangled was released. The main characters here are the princess and a prince named Flynn; he uses the tower that she is locked away in as a refuge, so she asks him to help her escape.

They are not too sure about each other at first (even Pascal, her chameleon, is skeptical!), but they save each other and fall in love. Furthermore, these two are fan favorites, since Rapunzel is funny and spunky and since Flynn is easy on the eyes and has sort of a bad boy vibe.  

7 Snow White And The Prince

The first Disney film ever was Snow White, and its love story is sort of a basis for all the rest: A girl is in trouble, and a prince rescues her, while falling in love, too, of course. The damsel-in-distress angle is not everyone’s favorite, but it can be quite romantic.

This particular romance story is like another on this list, since a kiss is what changes everything. There are many reasons to like and watch this OG flick, but seeing the two main characters meet, fall in love and live happily ever after is a big one.

6 Princess Ariel And Prince Eric

The Little Mermaid is a popular film about a mermaid who sees this other world, up on land. A land full of dancing, days in the sun, whozits and whatzits galore and a handsome man named Eric. He thinks Ariel is a breath of fresh air, too, but they hit some speed bumps along the way (Thanks a lot, Ursula.)

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In the end, though, love wins, Ariel joins her prince on land, and they become part of each other’s worlds. This love story is a great one, and this couple is just too stinkin’ cute!

5 Lady And The Tramp

The animals that are featured in many Disney movies are involved in some of these amazing love stories, too. For instance, Lady and Tramp prove that opposites attract. As their names suggest, Lady is from a refined household and has a sophistication about her, while Tramp is, well, a tramp who lives a rowdy life out on the streets.

They can’t help it, though. They felt that pull. They ate that spaghetti. They created one of the best-known love scenes of all time. They are another adorable couple on this list, from another beloved movie.

4 Aladdin And Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine kind of have a similar story to Lady and the Tramp; they come from different worlds, and even though Aladdin was not totally honest about who he was (and even though Jasmine was expected to marry someone who was royal) they, too, belonged together.

They do! And everything worked out in the end. Aladdin is a classic, and regardless of how anyone feels about the upcoming live action one (or, more specifically, how anyone feels about how the Genie looks in it), everyone should know that this is a fab love story.

3 Pongo And Perdita

There are two more animals on this list - Pongo and Perdita! Their story is told in 101 Dalmatians, meaning, yes, they are the parents of numerous spotted pups. Many fans may have forgotten their origins, though; Pongo belonged to Roger, and Perdy belonged to Anita.

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As the humans fell in love, so did the dogs. They all moved in together, they grew quite a bit, they beat Cruella de Vil, and, as usual, they lived happily ever after. Seeing them work together and raise this bunch is super cute and inspiring, as the romance is alive and there and evident.

2 Belle And The Beast

In Beauty and the Beast, a girl allows herself to be trapped in a castle with a beast, in order to save her father. This girl, Belle, is one of the strongest and smartest of all the Disney princesses, though, so she used her time wisely. She got to know her captor. She realized that he was just hurting. So she helped him heal.

In the process, the two fell in love, which may not have seemed possible, considering how their relationship started. This movie is one of the most loved, as is this love story.

1 Cinderella And Prince Charming

As mentioned, these general damsel-in-distress stories are told quite frequently, and they usually reference a prince charming. Well, this particular tale really does star Prince Charming, as well as Cinderella! As everyone knows, her stepmother made her cook and clean, but this girl made her way to the royal ball.

There, the prince fell for her, and with the help of her misplaced glass slipper, he found her again, took her away and helped create one of the most memorable love stories and Disney films of all time - one which teaches fans to be patient, to work hard, to believe in our wishes and to chase after our dreams.  

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