The 10 Best Disney Board Games, Ranked

Disney and board games have one major thing in common: they're fun for all ages - whether you're spending a night with friends or looking to involve the whole family in a game night. These Disney editions of familiar boardgames plus one exclusively Disney game will keep your fun wholesome and happy.

Your favorite characters go together with low-tech fun like peanut butter and Winnie's hunny. From a roll-and-move through a famous Disney Theme Park, to a table full of despicable villains, read on for the ten best Disney board games, ranked from magical to unbelievably magical (if you believe in it, that is).

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10 The Game of Life: Haunted Mansion Edition

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This game is a Disney Theme Parks exclusive product, based on the Haunted Mansion holographic ride and Eddie Murphy movie. It keeps the mechanics of the original Game of Life, but this version follows stories surrounding the people in the 4 stretch paintings at the beginning of the ride.

Buildings are glow-in-the-dark and Haunted Mansion themed, including a crypt and carriage house. Players drive 'Doom Buggies' and choose 'Scareers' for themselves, rather than cars and careers. Hidden, spooky elements appear on the board - transformation paintings, tombstones, busts and more - and even some hidden Mickeys, in true Disney theme park fashion.

9 Candyland: Theme Park Edition

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This edition of Candyland is another Disney Theme Parks exclusive item. Very similar to the original Candyland game, in this version the colored gingerbread man movers are all appropriately wearing Mickey Mouse ears. The board displays characters from the Magic Kingdom, including Goofy, the Cheshire Cat, Dumbo and the children from the It's a Small World ride.

Be the first to reach Cinderella's castle to win this roll-and-move game. Ages 3 and up can participate in this game, great for families or an incredibly chilled-out game for adults. There is no reading necessary to play, so kids who are pre-literate won't feel like they're missing something - players draw colors on their turn and move to that color on the board. This is a 2-4 player game with all the bare necessities for a good time.

8 UNO: Mickey Mouse & Friends

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This game is classic UNO with a Mickey Mouse twist. Players aim to get rid of all of their cards, by discarding matching colors and numbers to the top card in the deck. However, in this version, there is also a Friendship Rule card, with which the player can call out a character instead, to be discarded.

Cards have colorful images of Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy and Daisy Duck. This game comes in a compact tin that can be tossed into a bag or purse, brought on long car rides or kept handy for recess or the break room at the office. This game is for 2 to 10 players aged 7 and up.

7 Sorry! Game: Moana Edition

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In his version of the classic game, players move pawns of characters fromthe film including Moana, Maui and Pua. The goal is to sail safely home with all of your pawns, and the board is designed to look like water surrounding the island of Motunui.

Heart of Te Fiti tokens are included to act as protection for players when they encounter troubles. The Kakamora pirates will appear along the journey to thwart players' plans and interfere with their winning. Like in the original, basic gameplay involves sliding around the track, jumping over other pawns and bumping opponents back to start, aiming to finish first with all of your pawns at the end.

6 Pictopia: Disney Edition

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In this competitive trivia game, players take turns drawing a card - their opponents then wager based on images on the card, deciding how well they think they could answer a question about the topics represented. Players will also encounter guess-my-answer questions, that challenge the rest of the group to see how much they know about a player. Correct answers earn movement, and the first player to reach the castle is the winner of the night.

For ages 6 and up, this is more of a laid-back game with low-pressure questions. Some questions are for individuals to answer, whereas others are a team effort - adding a cooperative element to the game. Questions span classic animations, film, TV and theme park rides.

5 The Disney Meme Game

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This is the original Meme: The Game, with a Disney twist and theme. Like in the basic game, players pair images with word cards to create the funniest meme at the table, gunning to be voted as the best meme-maker by the rest of the players - it's a classic popularity contest, with fun memes about Ariel, Woody and Tigger.

The person who gets the most votes five times is the winner and is given the title of Funniest Person on the Planet, a much-coveted prize. This version of the game is much more PG and well-suited to families, as the content is pure Disney. It's a great party game for ages 4 and up, and since it's a flexible card game, most group sizes can play along.

4 Cranium: Disney Family Edition

BUY IT NOW $69.78

This is a family-oriented version of the much-beloved game of sculpting, drawing and acting out clues. The clues are Disney-themed, centring around characters and movies that all ages know and love. The movers are miniature Mickey Mouse ears, and the custom board features Tinkerbell, Dory, Lightning McQueen and more.

Newer content on films such as Frozen and Big Hero 6 is included, so younger fans will get to encounter their recent favorites. This is recommended for ages 8 and up, and 4 or more players, arranged into teams of 2 or more. Big teams can be formed for large groups and the game just gets funnier and sillier the more people you have.

3 Disney Apples to Apples

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A wildly popular party game, in Apples to Apples a rotating judge deals a green card with a word on it, while all other players consult their hands and play the card they feel is best described by the word on the green one. The judge then decides who gave the best answer, and rewards that player with the green card for the round.

Players aim to accumulate green cards until they have enough to win the game. The cards in this version are themed based on Disney films, TV shows and theme park rides and feature colorful photos of friendly Disney faces. No one is safe from the Poison Apple card (a uniquely Disney twist). If drawn, it will turn the game on its head.

2 Disney Codenames


Codenames is an easy game to pick up and while gameplay is short, it becomes addictive and players switch roles from game to game to add variety, flipping between guessing and giving clues. The group splits into two teams, identifying a Cluemaster for each who will try and get their team to guess Disney characters, locations and items from a grid of cards, giving only one-word hints.

It's a great get-to-know-you game, while also being a lot of fun for families, couples or people who know each other very well since the clues can get weird and specific that way. This is appropriate for ages 8 and up, and the cards in this version include a mix of pictures and words from the world of Disney.

1 Disney Villainous

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This is the most unique Disney board game of the bunch, with its own story and universe where all players are villainous and evil. It involves light strategy but isn't too difficult to pick up. Up to 6 players choose a villain from the movies: Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts, and Prince John.

They then consult their villain's guide book to see what their specific abilities are, crafting the best winning strategy. Each villain has their own goal and follows an individual story, but drawing from the Fate Deck, players can thwart their opponents' plans and set roadblocks for them. Once players master a villain, they can replay with a new villain and brand-new guidebook.

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