15 Attractive Disney Villains You Secretly Love

Since the beginning of film animation, Disney princes and princesses have been created to represent the ideal men and women we are supposed to fall in love with.

With perfect smiles, impossible body proportions, and indestructible hairstyles, Disney heroes were practically put through a factory and engineered to be as attractive as possible to audiences.

However, perhaps instead of falling in love with the typical protagonists, like many of us, you found yourself having more of a taste for the dark side. While your friends were playing with Mulan or Prince Eric, you instead reached for the evil witch that burns the village to the ground.

If you've always found the villains of Disney films more alluring, viewing the princes and princess as bland and uninteresting, then this article is for you.

Here the 15 Attractive Disney Villains You Secretly Love.

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Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast
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15 Gaston

Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Sure, sure, we get it, Gaston is a vain, self-centered idiot who is only interested in Belle because of how beautiful they would look together. He’s essentially an Instagram model who was born in the wrong time period.

However, an entire French village of peasants can’t be completely wrong about noticing that no one else is as quick, slick, or manly as Gaston. With a casual loose pony tail and a shoulder-to-waist ratio that would make any bodybuilder feel like a lego, Gaston is undeniably a looker. Not to mention his excellent use of antlers in his interior decorating.

You can even make a logical case that Gaston was in fact the hero of Beauty and the Beast. After all, from his perspective he’s just the village hero who is sacrificing his safety to avenge his crush and attack the man-beast who kidnapped her and forced her to play dress-up for the past few weeks. Sounds like a misunderstood hero in our book.

14 Ursula

The devious sea witch from the darkest chasms of the ocean may not be “conventionally” attractive by today’s standards. She is half octopus so no one could really blame you for not being into that. However, what Ursula lacks in a typical human silhouette she makes up for in hair volume and take-charge confidence.

While Ariel is flopping around, selling her voice whenever a guy looks at her, Ursula has higher priorities of world domination. She knows exactly what she wants, and that counts for a lot in today’s aimless dating pool. Even if what she wants is the pain and destruction of thousands of souls.

With one of the best villain songs in Disney history and eyebrows that were styled by the gods, you can’t deny Ursula’s magnetic presence. To be fair, she was rocking the teased pixie cut decades before Miley Cyrus even dared to try it.

13 Kronk

Kronk's New Groove Official Cover Art

The lovable henchman of The Emperor’s New Groove is another character who is leagues above his heroic counterparts in attractiveness. With pecs five times the size of his head and a waist the size of a normal person’s wrist, Kronk has been providing male audiences with unrealistic body standards of perfection for twenty years.

Sure he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, in fact he’s duller than an eraser, but brains aren’t everything. Kronk has a surprisingly big heart, which makes a lot of sense since his chest is the size of a large SUV. In his free time, Kronk enjoys playing jump-rope with kids, so you know he’s great father material.

He also has a long list of special skills that would make him an A-plus husband, including speaking fluent squirrel and cooking. If you haven’t heard about his spinach puffs, you haven’t been paying attention.  

12 Maleficent

Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty

The self-proclaimed “mistress of evil” may not immediately seem like a prime dating candidate, but if you look past her penchant for black magic and misery, you might begin to fall in love with her.

First of all, Maleficent is an undeniable style icon, with high fashion and couture sensibilities that would make her a success on any French runway. Marc Jacobs wishes he could design a horned, hooded cloak-combo like her iconic costume.

With cheekbones so sharp they could decapitate you, Maleficent is also surprisingly relatable. When she wasn’t given an invite to a popular party in Sleeping Beauty, she showed up anyway and channeled her “fomo” anger into placing a fatal curse on the host’s baby daughter before sashaying away. Can any of us really say that we haven’t placed a revenge curse on our rivals’ children?

She also has shapeshifting powers, which is undeniably a deal-maker. Nothing says “marry me” like being able to turn into a dragon on a second’s command.

11 Cruella De Vil

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations

If you’re a dog person, you might not find Cruella de Vil immediately attractive. However, if you’re a cat person, or-- better yet-- hate all animals, then say hello to your new wife.

Cruella is another misunderstood villain who is really just seeking one end goal: to look as fabulous as possible.

Yes, this might result in a series of crazed chase scenes in which her eyes literally turn red and yellow with blood lust, but people do turn into monsters when they’re shopping-- just look at Black Friday.  

Despite her flaws, Cruella is a take-charge lady who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, despite the bumbling men in her life. She may not be popular with vegans in today’s day and age, but you can’t deny that Cruella knows how to throw together a look, and her unrealistically thin body would probably fit all too well on the cover of today’s fashion magazines.

10 Hans

Hans is the Disney prince that (spoiler alert) Disney tricked us into falling in love with before revealing his true sinister intentions. However, if you’ve grown tired of the typical Disney hero storylines, finding out that Hans is actually a power-hungry sociopath instead of a bland good guy might actually make him more attractive.

While Hans’ heartlessness was exposed toward the end of the movie, you can’t deny that-- if nothing else-- the man is very good at pretending to be a perfect boyfriend. Isn’t that what a relationship is anyway? Although lying through his teeth, Hans was smart, helpful, caring, and devoted to Anna throughout her journey.

With perpetually rosy cheeks and a charming glint in his eye, Hans may be the only person in the history of the universe who managed to make a center-parted mullet with sideburns look good. Dressed to the nines with a little cravat for extra style, Hans is just the kind of guy you want manipulating you into a false sense of security.

9 Cecil Clayton

You may refer to Clayton from Tarzan as a “trigger happy brute with rage issues,” but some fans prefer to think of him as a “spontaneous go-getter who expresses himself passionately.”

While his moral compass may be a bit fuzzy, Clayton has a neck thicker than an elephant’s leg and calves like a race horse. With just the faintest whisper of a mustache on his lip and a touch of silver in his sideburns, Clayton is the type of guy you might find photographed in a Cosmopolitan article about dating older men.

If you look past the fact that there is clearly a crazed look in his eyes anytime he opens his mouth, you might notice that Clayton has one of the nicest smiles in Disney cinema.

It’s true that he doesn’t like animals, or maybe he likes animals a little too much, but either way he’s a smart, ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to make a buck, and that sounds like a perfect boyfriend in this economy.

8 Bradley Uppercrust III

Because Bradley belongs to the lesser known sequel of A Goofy Movie, you might not even be aware of this attractive humanoid-dog-hybrid creature. In An Extremely Goofy Movie Bradley serves as the main antagonist, as well as the leader of the Gamma Mu Mu fraternity, which tells you two things-- Bradley knows how to party and he has money.

If you’re able to look past the fact that Bradley’s not technically a human, you might find yourself drawn to his Cara Delevingne-like eyebrows and defined jawline. Not to mention the fact that Bradley is athletic-- he's probably the only skater boy in the universe who doesn’t wear cargo shorts or have dreads.

Sure he’s a bit of a cheater, with elaborate schemes involving potential murder and the heartless betrayal of his friends, but people can change.

7 Captain Hook

Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan

If you found yourself attracted to Clayton’s baby-thin mustache, prepare to have your mind blown with the extravagant face-caterpillar on Captain Hook. With long, luscious dark curls cascading from his hat and a perpetual five o’clock shadow, Hook is the definition of a perfect man.

He may not be a prime babysitting candidate, but so few men are these days anyway. Hook also has a crippling obsession with the inevitable passing of time, which is a very trendy and existential fear that everyone can relate to.

Regardless of how you feel about Peter Pan or the rest of the lost children, you can’t deny that Captain Hook is a good-looking single guy who has managed to achieve a lot of success with just one hand and one hook, a feat deserving of some praise.

6 Lyle Van de Groot

First of all, Lyle is a billionaire so he’s already prime dating material. However, beyond that, the man truly knows how to rock an ascot, which has become a dying art these days.

Lyle Van de Groot is the misunderstood villain with a deep, seductive voice in George of the Jungle. The film doesn’t paint him in the most positive light, but at the end of the day he is just looking for someone whom he can shower with gifts and affection, which doesn’t sound so villainous.

It’s even questionable if he was truly the villain of the film. After all, his fiancé was kidnapped during their dream vacation, leaving him to embark on a dangerous journey to do whatever it took to rescue her from a feral man living in the jungle.

Yes he eventually resorts to kidnapping and some overt manipulation, but really this just shows his dedication as a lover.

5 Sharpay Evans

Admit it-- Sharpay stole your heart from the second she started bopping to the top of the High School Musical franchise. You can criticize her for being a diabolical schemer who plays her friends like chess pieces and wears more pink than the Plastics on a Wednesday, but you can’t deny Sharpay’s talent and drive for success.

While she does employ a lot of deception to get what she wants, she is willing to go to almost any cost to win her crush’s heart, which you can’t help but admire.

Sharpay runs the school with her wealth, good looks, and privilege-- she is feared by all and loved by few. Her relationship with her twin brother is a little suspicious, but regardless, Sharpay has proven herself over a million High School Musical sequels to be a dedicated partner in crime, who is just looking for a date who can keep up. 

4 Dr. Facilier

Dr. Facilier is the embodiment of the word “smooth.” From his charismatic presence to his sharp mind and disturbingly purple eyes, Facilier is just what everyone looks for in a boyfriend.

Besides his easy smile and quirky tooth gap, Facilier is another ambitious guy with very clear career goals, which basically sums up to ruling New Orleans through dark magic and turning it into his voodoo paradise.

With a long list of friends on the “other side” and vast knowledge of curses and spells, Facilier is sure to help you destroy all your enemies, which is one of the main reasons to be in a relationship anyway. He is also always accompanied by a demonic shadow-creature, so it’s kind of like dating two for the price of one.

3 Lana Thomas

Regina George has nothing on Lana Thomas, the original mean girl of teen high school cinema. Lana was bullying teenagers with style and grace while Regina was still in diapers.

This beautiful blonde perfectly fits the cheerleading stereotype, holding every high school boy’s heart in her hands with her perfect physique.

However, she isn’t just a pretty face. Lana Thomas can tear you to shreds with a withering comment which will bring you to tears before stealing your boyfriend right in front of your face, and nothing is more attractive than ruthlessness.

She also has a gorgeous singing voice and two back-up dancers who follow her around for any performance or spontaneous boogie, which means that it's always party time.

2 The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen in Disney's adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The Evil Queen was one of the first villains to ever grace the screen of a Disney film in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She wasn’t even given a name in the movie, but that doesn’t take away from her alluring presence.

The Evil Queen was objectively the second most beautiful woman in all of the land according to her all-knowing magic mirror, and you simply can’t argue with a magic mirror.

Like all of us, the Evil Queen is obsessed with maintaining her looks and will kill as many people as it takes until she is the prettiest one still living. What a universally relatable goal.

When she isn’t ruling the country with cruelty and selfishness, the queen enjoys dressing up as old people and poisoning her rivals, which could be a fun, quirky first date.

1 Sarah Sanderson

Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

Sarah isn’t the brightest bulb in the Sanderson sisters pack, or the most creative, or the strongest, but you can’t deny your attraction to this witch.

Sarah defies the stereotypes of the haggard, old witch with her youthful beauty, symmetrical features, and long curls. Sure, her speaking voice kind of sounds like a baby talking through a broken walkie-talkie, but she has such giggly energy and zest for life that you can’t really be annoyed.

Also, yes, she spends her time luring children to a grisly death in which their youth and souls are sucked out of their bodies, but not everyone is destined to be a loving mother. She may not have lofty goals or be able to count to seven, but she is still the best looking 300-year-old in existence.

When she shrieked “I’m beautiful! Boys will love me!” she wasn’t wrong.


Can you think of any other attractive Disney villains that you secretly love? Let us know in the comment section.

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