Theory: Every Disney Movie Exists In The Same Universe

Disney has a vast library of animated movies, but could they all exist in the same universe? Walt Disney debuted their first animated feature all the way back in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and quickly piled up a stack of movies that are now viewed as classics in the genre. As of late, Disney's made a habit of creating some new animated movies, but also putting a larger focus on remaking their films in live-action.

The library of Disney animated movies runs deep, and they're still making brand new hits like Moana and Ralph Breaks the Internet. The volume of these films has increased even more now that Pixar is part of Disney's family. But, with Disney also producing the biggest shared universe ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans of Disney's other properties have wondered if a larger universe is possible. For instance, there's a very popular theory that every Pixar movie takes place in the same universe - but what about Disney's own animated tales?

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we take a look at the theory that every Disney animated movie exists in the same universe. The theory is extremely complicated, but attempts to tie together AladdinLilo & StitchTangled, and the dozens of other animated movies that Disney has made. Check out all the details in the video below:

To summarize, essentially every Disney animated movie exists in the same world, but on different planes. There is the Real World that includes movies like Meet the Robinsons or Big Hero 6 that largely resemble regular reality. In the Real World, these varied animated films have Easter eggs that connect them to their own Film World. The Film World is comprised of films that the people in the Real World will see. The Film World is connected by the Disney Matrix that essentially operates like Kingdom Hearts, with the goal being to make the ideal fairy tale. Going a step further, there's the Inner-Film World that include movies that the fictional characters of the Film World would see.

Of course, this is just a theory for the time being, and may be the latest example of fans just reading too far into what the original creators intended to be Easter eggs, and nothing more. This is an incredibly fun and imaginative theory to subscribe to though, and will also possibly become more complicated over time. With Disney's movie slate continuing to grow, where will the latest animated films fit into this theory and will they include any contradictions? Plus, depending on what live-action remakes Disney makes in the future, will those films make reference to other animated classics and then be considered part of this universe? Or, could the live-action remakes make new connections to each other and become a universe all their own? Whatever the case may be, this theory may just make everyone look a bit closer at what the next animated Disney movie holds.

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