Six Clips from Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Ever since Comic Con, Disney has been pushing their Robert Zemeckis-directed version of the Charles Dickens’ classic story A Christmas Carol. They've done everything they can to ensure that as many people as possible know about the film and go see it. Of course, that is the whole point of marketing but I fear they may be over doing it a touch. The 7-month-long A Christmas Carol train journey was almost overdoing it but now I think they are showing way too much of the film two weeks before its release.

However, some people like to watch as much as they can for an upcoming movie; I just don’t happen to be one of them. Steve “Frosty” Weintraub at Collider is just like me (‘cept cooler) in that he doesn’t want to have the entire movie spoiled. We both want to experience it for the first time in the theater, in IMAX or 3-D; but on the off chance that you want to soak up as much Christmas Carol as possible; Collider has assembled 6 video clips into one 5 minute video for you to watch.

The audio doesn’t seem to be all that impressive and my first thought was it was a “cam” version of the footage shown on the train tour, but these are indeed 6 brand new video clips from A Christmas Carol. After the 6 clips you can watch a higher quality video of Jim Carrey (who plays 7 different characters) and Robert Zemeckis talking about Carrey’s roles in the film. Enjoy:


A Christmas Carol is directed by Robert Zemeckis (Polar Express), and stars Jim Carrey (Ebenezer Scrooge), Bob Hoskins (Mr. Fezziwig), Colin Firth (Fred), Gary Oldman (Bob Cratchit), Cary Elwes (Dick Wilkins) and Robin Penn Wright (Belle).

I was originally super-pumped to see this film, but the train tour really put me off. I, along with many other parents, was hoping for a Polar Express-style, kid friendly, family film. This summer, Zemeckis did say he was making the movie more of a ghost story and after watching the first clip from the Collider videos, while is seems very cool, it’s also way too intense for my 7 and 4 year-old kids. If I can’t take them with me to watch A Christmas Carol, then I just don’t have any reason to go see the film. Sure, it will look extraordinary and will probably be a lot of fun for kids older than 10, but I just can’t see me and my football buddies piling into the theater to watch this.

Do the newly released clips for A Christmas Carol impress you and do you plan on going to see it?

Disney’s A Christmas Carol opens in theaters November 6, 2009.

Source: Collider

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