Disney+: 10 Things We Know So Far About The World According To Jeff Goldblum

When news dropped on the original series that will be coming to the Disney+ streaming service, some bits surprised us. There were the obvious ones like The Mandalorian and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But almost nobody saw The World According to Jeff Goldblum coming. It's such an odd idea yet it's one we think is going to work.

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The trailer for the new show debuted at Disney's D23 Expo in August and it was met with pretty widespread acclaim. It looks quirky enough to be a surprise hit. We've seen Jeff Goldblum pop up in blockbusters like Thor: Ragnarok and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in recent years, but this is completely different. We've listed 10 things we know so far about this upcoming series.

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10 The Premise

In The World According to Jeff Goldblum, famed actor Jeff Goldblum travels to various locations to try new things and learn more about each of them.

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Think of it in the same vein as those cooking shows where a host travels the world and tries new food. The difference is that Jeff Goldblum will try a host of different things that are designed to be as fun as possible for himself and the viewers. We don't know a ton about each aspect of the show, but it looks like a blast either way.

9 He's Coming In With No Research

Typically, a show about a celebrity traveling and doing things stars an expert at the subject at hand. Jeff Goldblum and the folks at Disney+, on the other hand, are going a different route.

According to what we've heard from the actor himself, he doesn't want this show to come across as preachy or as if he's teaching anyone anything. He will be going into each of these situations having done little to no research. Goldblum hopes that it will enhance the experience and make this a unique series.

8 He Will Ask A Ton Of Questions

Playing along the lines of what we just mentioned, Jeff Goldblum really won't know about what he's getting himself into. He's a curious individual and we see just how that will play out in the trailer. He is eager to learn and showcases it by asking a bunch of questions.

Near the trailer's end, Jeff Goldblum asks several questions in a short montage. Sometimes, he even asks just for conversational purposes. There are questions asked about songs, movies, and a hypothetical one about what cut of pork he might be. Strange stuff, but will add some enjoyment to the show.

7 There Will Be Adventures

Some of the activities Jeff Goldblum will participate in are kind of mundane. For example, the trailer shows him learning about expensive sneakers and eating ice cream. But the trailer also shows us that he's going to embark on some unexpected adventures.

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We get to see Jeff Goldblum out on a kayak with what looks like professionals in a vast body of water. We watch as he rides a bike in front of powerful fans blowing winds at an incredible speed. He's going to get down and dirty while attempting these things and some are going to take bravery.

6 He Will Give Someone A Tattoo

Here's another bit that we learned from the trailer. The episode surrounding tattoos could go a lot of different ways. It could just be Jeff Goldblum learning about the history of a tattoo or he could end up getting of his own. Honestly, both of those are still possibilities.

However, the trailer shows a clip of Jeff holding a tattoo needle, indicating that he will be giving a tattoo. Without any proper training, there's a good chance that this tattoo may end up hilariously bad... or maybe Jeff Goldblum will shock us by being great.

5 There Will Be Singing And Dancing

During the trailer, one of the funniest bits comes when he says that he might break into song. Then it cuts to show him doing a strange dance while singing what sounds like nonsense in front of a mirror. This looks like a common occurrence in the show.

Speaking of dancing, Jeff Goldblum will be doing a fair amount of that. Along with his odd mirror dance, there are shots where he's getting down in what looks like a water aerobics class. He's also shown getting down with a square dance or sorts while wearing a cowboy hat.

4 Episodes Will Be In 4K Resolution

It seems like there's always some kind of new technology coming out to enhance our viewing experiences. From DVD to Blu-Ray to 4K quality, we've hit a new gold standard for what we watch. Disney+ is holding nothing back when it comes to the quality of their content.

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The World According to Jeff Goldblum is going to feature every episode in 4K HDR. That means that not only will the show be in 4K resolution, but it will also be seen in high dynamic range, which is ideal for digital presentation. If nothing else, this series will look phenomenal.

3 The Episodes Are Weekly

We live in a world of binge-watching. Thanks to this, viewers often finish an entire season of a show in a week, weekend, or even in a single day. That won't be the case with this show.

While there isn't a bunch of official information available for how Disney+ plans on dropping episodes for all of their shows, we know how The World According to Jeff Goldblum will go. New episodes will be released weekly. As soon as they first stream, they'll be available on-demand to check out whenever you want.

2 It Is A National Geographic Show

If you didn't know all the details about Disney's properties, seeing this show listed probably confused you. There are the obvious ones like Pixar, Lucasfilm, ESPN, and Marvel Studios. But one of the lesser-known about Disney purchases was of National Geographic.

National Geographic is actually behind The World According to Jeff Goldblum. It is slated to be the first piece of original content made by National Geographic for Disney+, but not the last. They are also currently producing Magic of the Animal Kingdom, which is a documentary series based on the caretakers at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

1 It Will Be Available Upon Launch

There is a ton of hype behind the launch of Disney+. A lot of its major releases, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows or the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, aren't scheduled to arrive for at least a few months. On launch day, which is November 12, there are still some great projects coming.

Among those releases are a live-action take on The Lady and the Tramp and the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. And yes, The World According to Jeff Goldblum is on that list. The premiere episode could be the first thing you ever stream on the service.

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