15How choice does (and doesn’t) matter in Dishonored

Dishonored choices

As players work to take out those responsible for the assassination of the Empress and kidnapping of her daughter, they are given the freedom to go about each mission as they please. Players can choose to use stealthy rogue tactics and sneak past enemies, non-lethally incapacitating those

who can not be circumvented, or they can choose to take out enemies with various gadgets such as shock traps or the tried and true method of sneaking up behind a target and putting a knife in their back.

Besides choice in tactics, each mission in Dishonored takes place in a large, open map, and provides players with a multitude of ways in which to get behind enemy lines to reach their objective. Whether you choose to sneak in through the sewer system or descend from the rooftops, the choice is yours, and you have plenty of options on how to approach each mission.

As players complete missions, other characters in the world will react to you differently depending on the choices you make. If you’re going through slaughtering every enemy that gets in your way, some characters who have been friendly and loyal to you will begin to act cold, and possibly even turn on you. Choosing a pacifist playthrough will influence how characters will react to you as well,  as some of your collaborators just want everyone dead.

There are different endings depending on your play style throughout the game, but it mostly influences the narrative of the ending and what your “legacy” is. Fear not, regardless of how you approach Dishonored, the end goal is only determined by whether or not you succeed, not how you did so, or what others think of those actions.

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