The World of Netflix's Disenchantment: Dreamland & Mythology Explained

Disenchantment Dreamland Guide

Disenchantment, the new Netflix show from Matt Groening, takes place in the fantasy world of Dreamland. The show follows the unlikely trio of Princess Bean, her demon Luci and happy-go-lucky Elfo. Together they go through dark forests, murky marshland and boiling volcanos, meeting all manner of weird creatures along the way.

Like how The Simpson's Springfield is a distillation any average American town and Futurama's year 3000 collected up references from all corners of sci-fi, so too does Disenchantment's world bear the influences of many other fantasy stories yet remain entirely its own place. There are shades of Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings and more, but Dreamland is most certainly its own place.

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With ten episodes each taking viewers to a different land, there's a lot of ground covered in Disenchantment. Here's a guide to every place you'll visit along the way.


Disenchantment Dreamland

The oxymoronically-named realm of Dreamland is the primary location in Disenchantment. Although presented as a single city full of pubs, shops and drug dens, the actual power of Dreamland appears to run much further into the surrounding land. It's one of the most powerful nations in the show's world, and most of the locations in the show fall under its rule.

Dreamland is ruled by King Zøg, with his Prime Minister Odval doing much of the nitty-gritty. Prince Derek is next in line, replacing the older Princess Bean in the line of succession. Zøg is big on political marriages, with his second wife, Oona, being a move to end a hundred year war with Dankmire and him plotting to pair Bean up with Bentwood.

Culture in Dreamland is very similar to Dark Ages Britain, with the simple monarchy structure paving the way to traditional lower class professions and plague outbreaks. The city has an annual Harvest Celebrations where the people present Zøg with produce for blessing and confiscation, then in the evening burn a figure of the King.

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Although Zøg is King of Dreamland, he defers heavily to his advisors: Odval and Sorcerio. This pair has their own relationships, both with each other and a hidden hand in the politics of the realm. Their society meets whenever Zøg leaves the castle under cover of darkness and, while it's mainly a sex club, they allegedly do make big decisions too.


Disenchantment Maru

Similar to Game of Thrones' Qarth, this mysterious location across the sea and presumably far to the East is the home of a people with a mouse-based economy, led by Emperor Cloyd. They were once at war with Cremorrah, but killed the cities population all using posion. More recently, they are who send Luci the demon to corrupt Bean and presumably destabilise the kingdom, although why and what it means for Dreamland is still a mystery.


Disenchantment Bentwood

Another royal land, Bentwood is an ally of Dreamland ruled by Lorenzo the First. He is married to his sister, Bonnie, something the pair are very open about. They planned to marry off their sons to Bean, creating a stronger unity with Dreamland.

The Enchanted Forest

Disenchantment Enchanted Forest

A, well, enchanted forest just outside of Dreamland's city, The Enchanted Forest is the go-to place for any creepy happenings. It's where Elfo enters Dreamland from Elfwood, leads to the Wash Master's Lair and hides Hansel and Gretel's cannibal cottage. There's also a racist antelope to beware of.

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Disenchantment Elfwood

Elfo's original home, Elfwood, is a twist on the ever-happy land of the Smurfs, magically hidden away in the Enchanted Forest. Spending their days packaging chocolate and other cute jobs, the elves have defined roles within their society of sometimes ridiculous purpose. Everybody must be happy, lest they be executed.


Disenchantment Dankmire

The homeland of Queen Oona, Dankmire is a marshland home to a series of blue, semi-aquatic humanoids. The nobility follow extreme politeness, while the commoners on the outskirts are more stereotypical rednecks. Dankmire was in a hundred year war with Dreamland until Zøg married Oona.

The Lost City of Cremorrah

Disenchantment Cremorrah

Now a scorching desert across the sea from Dreamland, Cremorrah was once a land that gained vast wealth from snakes. This saw it in direct conflict with Maru, who poisoned the entire nation. Before the city fell, the King bartered the Vial of Immortality.

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Other Dreamland Locations

Disenchantment World Map

The Viking Homeland - Not actually part of Dreamland, this Nordic-style land is home to traditional Vikings who try to usurp the throne.

Wash Master's Lair - In the Enchanted Forest, where an old man does willing patrons' laundry. Does not grant wishes.

Mermaid Island - A home of alluring mermaids.

Walrus Island - A home of alluring walruses.

Mt. Piping Hot Suckhole - A volcano with magma powerful enough to kill demons.

Runoff Springs Health Spa - A health spa where relaxation comes from stressful distraction.

Our Lady of Unlimited Chastity - A nunnery designed to pacify rogue girls. No slurping.

Plague Pit - A pit in Dreamland where plague victims

The Den of Wonders - A Bliss bar in Dreamland's Black Light District.

Unpassable Mountains - A series of peaks that hide various creatures, including spiders and giants.

The Edge of the World - A literal drop at the end of the map.


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