What To Expect From Disenchantment Season 2

Warning: SPOILERS below for Disenchantment Season 1!

When will Disenchantment season 2 release? Matt Groening's Netflix show sees the mind behind The Simpsons and Futurama turn his satirical gaze onto the fantasy genre, constructing a warped version of the Dark Ages centered on Princess Bean, demon Luci and elf Elfo, and already has a strong fan following.

Previous Groening shows have been notorious for their longevity - The Simpsons is currently in its 30th season and Futurama's original four-season run was followed by a quartet of movies and two more on Comedy Central - and Netflix surely have similarly grand plans for Disenchantment. The streaming service has animation development down to a science, and there's definitely more of Dreamland to be explored.

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Thanks to a massive cliffhanger ending and that prior experience, we can figure out how Disenchantment season 2 will shape up. Here's everything we know and expect, including when Disenchantment season 2 (as well as Disenchantment part 2) should release.

Last updated: March 12, 2019

Disenchantment Season 2 Renewal

Disenchantment Bean and her mother escape

Disenchantment debuted in August 2018, and Netflix officially ordered Disenchantment season 2 in October. This is actually a rather large gap between release and renewal for the streaming service, who normally take at most two months to decide on a show's future. This may be because Disenchantment season 2 was already in development - a report on the season 1 release date from Rolling Stone stated that Netflix ordered a ten-episode Disenchantment season 2 before the original run was even out - meaning an announcement wasn't necessary. This would explain why they even included a post-credits scene.

Disenchantment Part 2 & Season 2 Release Dates

However, the renewal of Disenchantment isn't quite as simple as it seems. The announcement brought with it confirmation that the first ten episodes released as "Part 1" is actually just the first half of Disenchantment season 1, with Disenchantment part 2 coming in 2019. Going by similar Netflix animated series, Disenchantment part 2 can be expected in summer 2019 (although as they were produced alongside the first batch of episodes, it may be sooner).

This means that Disenchantment season 2 will release in two parts across 2020 and 2021. While it's a more convoluted release strategy than most Netflix animations (although is in line with the episode counts of The Simpsons and Futurama), it means that fans will get new episodes of Disenchantment every year for a good while to come.

Disenchantment Season 2 Story

Disenchantment Elfo Saved by a Mermaid

While little has been revealed about Disenchantment season 2, the first season finale leaves open a lot of story details. Season 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger that put the fates of every character in question: Bean was taken to a mysterious land by her mother; Luci was attacked by an unseen assailant; Elfo's dead body was taken by mermaids; and the entire population of Dreamland is frozen in stone. All of these will have to be addressed by season 2 straight away, although given the nature of animation, they may be resolved in the premiere episode before returning to some variance of the original status quo.

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Aside from the pressing plot threads, there are bigger questions of Bean's importance in the centuries-long war and why Maru has sent Luci to her. The mythology of Disenchantment is being slowly teased out, and while season 1 wound up rather contained, it's evidently going to go much deeper.

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