Disenchantment Part Two Gets September Release Date On Netflix

Bean in Disenchantment

Netflix sets the Disenchantment Part Two premiere date for this September on Netflix. Viewers will be able to delve into the kingdom of Dreamland once again, as Matt Groening’s animated fantasy/comedy is slated to premiere early this fall. Groening is also the creator of The Simpsons and Futuramaall of which are animated in a similar fashion.

Disenchantment's first season premiered in August 2018. Set in a fantastical Medieval universe, the 10-episode first season centered around Bean (Abbi Jacobson), an unlikely princess with a drinking problem; Luci (Eric Andre) the princess' "personal demon;" and Elfo (Nat Faxon), Bean's elf friend and (sort-of) love interest. The finale, titled "Dreamland Falls," revealed that it was Bean's mother, Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan), who tried to kill her father King Zøg (John DiMaggio). Elfo is presumed dead, but at the end of the episode, he is swept up onto a mysterious shore-line, and some have speculated he has in fact landed on Mermaid Island and will somehow be resurrected. After all, Elfo still has yet to discover who his mother is, and if his father is telling the truth about him being only half-elf. As for Luci, his whereabouts are unknown, and the second iteration will likely solve that mystery.

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Disenchantment Part Two will premiere Sept. 20 on Netflix. Netflix released a teaser poster that hilariously parodies Game of Thrones, captioned "Her throne is calling." They also included somewhat a summary of where the last season left off, "Elfo is gone. Dreamland is deserted. Princess Bean is on a mission." That mission in this case likely refers to the quest to discover her "destiny," something her mother refers to numerous times in the finale. Bean also discovers that she has some hidden powers, revealed when she's shocked by the crystal ball. Part Two will likely pick up on that storyline.

Disenchantment Part Two Poster

There is no word yet on if Part Two will also have only 10 episodes, or if there will be more this time around. The first season didn't do too well with critics, but there is still potential for Groening to turn things around. It also seems likely that fans will potentially see more Easter eggs that suggest Disenchantment exists in the same universe as Futurama, and potentially some crossovers. If they do co-exist, that could mean Disenchantment doesn't take place in Medieval times, but perhaps is actually a Medieval-like society that exists sometime in the future. Hopefully, Groening will take note of what makes Futurama work, and apply it to Disenchantment, which is the first series to compete with other Netflix Originals. He may just be getting used to the new online streaming format, so it's plausible the show could redeem itself in Part Two. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the upcoming season of the "un-fairytale," but we now have the official global release date. Netflix is known for creating successful and binge-worthy shows, so hopefully, the collaboration will result in a more established second season of Disenchantment.

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Disenchantment Part Two premieres Friday September 20 on Netflix.

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