Disenchantment Season 1 Has A Post-Credits Scene Twist

Elfo in Disenchantment

Warning: SPOILERS below for Disenchantment Season 1!

Season 1 of Disenchantment concluded with a post-credits scene that addresses the fate of Elfo but opens up a slew of new questions. The season finale's title, "Dreamland Falls", is a double entendre - it references the terrible fate that befell the kingdom ruled by King Zog while also referring to the waterfall just outside the castle's drawbridge. Elfo's corpse plummeted down the waterfall after he was knocked out of his casket by the "Queen Fight" between Queen Dagmar and Queen Oona.

The naive, lovable Elfo was the focal point of Zog's season-long efforts to revive Queen Dagmar with the Elixer of Life. Zog had Sorcerio routinely bleed Elfo because Elf's blood is known to have magical properties, yet Elfo's plasma never worked as expected. After Elfo is banished from Dreamland by a furious Zog, he ends up back home in Elfwood with Princess Bean and Luci the demon in tow. There, Elfo finally learns he's only half-Elf, though his father Pops keeps getting interrupted before he can reveal who and what Elfo's mother is. Zog's Knights then attack Elfwood but, as the Elves magically hide their land, an arrow pierces Elfo in the back, killing him. The Knights still managed to retrieve true Elf's blood from a dead Elf guard, so Sorcerio was able to brew the Elixer of Life. Bean had to choose between using the Elixer to revive her mother, who was frozen in stone for 15 years, or Elfo. Bean resurrected Dagmar, but the Queen then betrayed Dreamland as part of a mysterious scheme tied to Bean's ultimate destiny.

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With all of the intrigue in the finale, Elfo and his fate were back-burnered in Disenchantment's final episodes. Fortunately, a post-credits scene revealed what happened to little green half-Elf. Elfo's body washed ashore on a beach. After a moment, the arms of two women enter the frame, each taking Elfo by his arms and bringing him onto dry land. Though their faces are never seen, one of the women is a long-haired brunette, wears golden bracelets... and has scales. She is evidently a mermaid, meaning Elfo has presumably washed up on Mermaid Island.

Disenchantment Elfo Saved by a Mermaid

It's not clear what state Elfo is actually in when the women find him. Everyone's assumed he is dead, but he is also a magical creature who has survived falls from great heights before. Elfo has also endured and quickly recovered from long bouts of Sorcerio stealing his blood. Why would an arrow to the back kill him? It's more likely Elfo is in some kind of magical state of suspended animation. Plus the fact that he is one of the series' lead characters points to Elfo coming back in season 2.

This scene also introduces mermaids to the mythology of Disenchantment proper after teasing them in the second episode. Little is shown of them, a purposeful mystery that leaves the show's take on the sirens unknown. Presumably, they'll be properly featured in season 2 and have some form of magic that can awaken Elfo.

Since fans are dying to find the answers to who Elfo's mother is and how his destiny ties into the greater tale of Dreamland, Disenchantment's favorite half-Elf is sure to return with the series' second season. Hopefully, despite his experience with death, he'll still be as good-hearted and hilarious upon his resurrection.

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Disenchantment season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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