The Disaster Artist Has A Post-Credits Scene

[SPOILERS for The Disaster Artist's post-credits scene ahead.]


James Franco's The Disaster Artist includes a Marvel-style post-credits scene in which Franco comes face-to-face with Tommy Wiseau. Directed by and starring Franco, The Disaster Artist chronicles the making of Wiseau's The Room, one of the most infamous bad movies of all-time.

Franco is garnering Oscar buzz for his performance as Wiseau, a singularly strange individual who somehow or other was able to arrange financing for his feature film The Room, a movie so bad it went on to become a cult sensation. No stranger to weirdness himself, Franco retained his dead-on Wiseau accent all the time he was directing The Disaster Artist. Franco's commitment to impersonating Wiseau even extends to marketing, with billboards being erected that mimic the Room billboard Wiseau inflicted on motorists driving on Hollywood's Highland Avenue. Wiseau himself has given Franco's movie his 99.9% seal-of-approval, his only objection being a problem with the lighting early in the movie.

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Uniquely for a movie that is not a comic book film or blockbuster, The Disaster Artist includes a post-credits tag, and this is a scene audiences probably won't want to miss (via The Wrap). In the scene, James Franco as Wiseau comes face-to-face with Wiseau himself, playing a character named Henry. The two Wiseaus get involved in a little verbal sparring, during which Franco makes fun of Wiseau's famously distinctive accent and his claim that he is from New Orleans (Wisesau sounds nothing like someone from New Orleans, and in fact is from Eastern Europe).

As Disaster Artist writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber revealed to The Wrap, the weird post-credits tag was included in order to satisfy a stipulation added by Wiseau during life rights negotiations with James Franco. Wiseau said he would only allow his story to be told if he got to act in a scene with Franco, but since it was deemed impossible to work Wiseau into the actual plot of the movie, the only solution was to film a standalone scene and tack it on to the end. Always image-conscious (sometimes to his own detriment), Wiseau also made sure he got to pick his own makeup and hair for his cameo.

According to Weber, audiences not expecting a Marvel-like post-credits scene have been leaving during the credits, missing out on the humorous tag which he says is up there with the Howard the Duck scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. Post-credits scenes are generally employed by blockbuster films to tease future movies, but in the case of The Disaster Artist, the tag is only a zinger added to make Tommy Wiseau happy.

Thanks to Franco and his potentially Oscar-worthy The Disaster Artist, the enigmatic Wiseau's place in cinematic history has been firmly cemented...for better or worse.

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Source: The Wrap

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