The Disaster Artist Trailer 2: Tommy Wiseau Is Fearless

A new trailer for James Franco's The Disaster Artist, which tells the story behind the infamous cult classic The Room, has been released online. In addition to helming the film, Franco stars as The Room mastermind Tommy Wiseau, who has given The Disaster Artist an emphatic stamp of approval. Wiseau is not alone in heaping praise upon the movie, which premiered to rave reviews at SXSW earlier this year. In particular, Franco's oddly perfect performance as Tommy received very high marks, with some predicting it's a possible Oscar contender.

The general public got their first taste of what Franco and crew had in store over the summer when a Disaster Artist teaser debuted. Depicting the trails and tribulations of filming The Room's rooftop scene (including the classic line "I did not hit her. I did NAHT."), the preview garnered a universally positive reaction, exciting moviegoers and film industry professionals alike. Now, with the film's December release date right around the corner, another trailer is unveiled. You can watch it for yourself in the space above.

This preview offers a comprehensive overview of Disaster Artist's main narrative. Disappointed by their failure to secure a big break in Hollywood, Wiseau and his friend Greg Sestro (Dave Franco) decide to take matters into their own hands and make their own movie - The Room. The trailer sells the film as an emotional story of one man's great ambition as Tommy strives to fulfill his dream of becoming a big star. Even though some people are skeptical of his creative decisions, he remains committed to seeing The Room through and just goes for it. In addition to showing off more of Franco's incredible transformation into Tommy, the trailer highlights iconic The Room moments, such as "You are tearing me apart Lisa!" and the infamous love scenes that have been masterfully recreated. A new poster was also released recently, which you can see below:

Awards season is in full swing with several of the fall festivals either completed or underway, and The Disaster Artist is emerging as a possible nominee. After its screening at TIFF, the movie received a standing ovation and earned raves from critics, with many praising its story and performances. While it seems odd that the Citizen Kane of bad movies potentially could spawn a legitimate Oscar contender, The Disaster Artist finding some support in the Academy isn't out of the question. The organization loves movies about show business more than anything (with the possible exception of World War II dramas), and a tale of a struggling artist trying to make a name for himself will surely speak to Academy members. In a way, the aspirational aspects of The Disaster Artist are similar to La La Land, which earned a record 14 nominations last year.

Regardless of whether or not The Disaster Artist becomes a threat on the Oscar circuit, it's safe to say that Franco has crafted something touching and heartfelt that walks the fine line between admiring Tommy Wiseau's dedication to his vision and laughing at The Room's various shortcomings. One does not have to be a die-hard fan of the infamous cult classic in order to appreciate what Franco and company have delivered here, and when The Disaster Artist finally opens in December, it should prove to be successful.

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