James Franco Remade 25 Minutes of The Room

James Franco has revealed he remade up to 25 minutes of The Room for his upcoming movie The Disaster Artist. The film is a look at the making of The Room, which is considered one of the most entertainingly bad films ever made. Franco himself plays Tommy Wiseau, the endearingly strange writer/director/star of The Room, and Franco underwent extensive make-up to transform into The Room’s mysterious auteur. The film also stars Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Sharon Stone, and Alison Brie.

The Room was intended to be a searing emotional drama by Wiseau, but thanks to a terrible script, bad acting and generally inept filmmaking, it plays much better as a comedy. The film has since become a major cult movie because of this and seems to find new fans every day. That’s likely to continue thanks to The Disaster Artist, which has picked up rave reviews and awards buzz ahead of its release, thanks to Franco’s central performance and the mixture of comedy and drama.

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The Disaster Artist also recreated some major scenes from The Room, and James Franco has revealed in an interview with the Kernels podcast he remade up to 25 minutes from Wiseau’s film. He recreated these scenes down to the exact camera moves and line delivery, and while he didn’t include every recreation in The Disaster Artist, he predicts that they will all end up on the film's DVD release.

The Room has definitely had an interesting journey, going from the failed passion project of its creator to a beloved cult movie, and now inspiring a movie that’s likely to receive Oscar nominations. The Disaster Artist is based on the book by Greg Sestero, Wiseau’s co-star in The Room. The book provided a unique insight into the disastrous making of the film, and a look at the bizarre personality of Wiseau himself, whose exact background remains a mystery.

While neither the book nor the film show Wiseau in a flattering light, the enigmatic actor has approved of The Disaster Artist, although Franco revealed in an interview that Wiseau had one small issue with the film:

I was like, ‘So, Tommy, what did you think of the movie?’ And he said, ‘I approve 99.9 percent.’ And we were like, ‘What was the 0.1 percent? He said, ‘I think the lighting, in the beginning, a little off.’ [Laughs] I told Brandon [Trost, The Disaster Artist’s cinematographer]. He was like, Yeah, maybe we should watch The Room, get some lighting pointers!’

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Source: Kernels Podcast

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