Dirty Sexy Money Was Cancelled On A Gamechanging Cliffhanger

Dirty Sexy Money is a glossy drama that ran for two seasons before being cancelled and it ended on a pretty major cliffhanger.

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Dirty Sexy Money ended on a major cliffhanger that will never be resolved. Peter Krause is best known for his lead role on acclaimed HBO drama Six Feet Under alongside like Frances Conroy and Michael C. Hall (Dexter). His next major TV role came with Dirty Sexy Money, a glossy ABC drama that arrived in 2007. Krause played a lawyer named Nick who is hired by the Darlings - the richest family in New York - to be their new lawyer following the death of his father Dutch. Nick suspects someone inside the Darlings clan may know something about his father's untimely passing, so he accepts the job.

Dirty Sexy Money mostly revolved around Nick doing his best to hold onto his morals while dealing with a family that didn't have many. The various members of the clan - which includes Donald Sutherland (Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers) as patriarch Patrick - come with an assortment of issues, and Nick is often put in a tricky position keeping them out of trouble. Dirty Sexy Money premiered to good ratings, but interest in the series declined during its second season and it was cancelled in 2009. Peter Krause would later state he was unhappy with the way the network would re-edit the show to reflect a different tone, which he believes hurt the final product.

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A lot went down in the Dirty Sexy Money's season 2 finale, including Nick's wife Lisa signing a deal to write an expose on the Darlings, while he left her to be with true love Karen (Natalie Zea, Justified). This finale was also sold on the promise it would reveal the truth about Dutch George's death - which it did, but in a way that only opened up more questions. The final scenes of Dirty Sexy Money have Simon (Blair Underwood) confess to Nick that he's being controlled and the person behind the Darlings many troubles is actually Dutch.

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In Dirty Sexy Money's most epic twist, it turns out Dutch learned that Simon had stolen the idea behind his bio-fuel from the father of lawyer Nola (Lucy Liu, Elementary) many years before. Dutch had been having an affair with Darlings matriarch Leticia (Jill Clayburgh) for many years, but he sought revenge against her and the family, so he blackmailed Simon into causing many of their legal headaches, including Leticia being prosecuted for his "murder."

Dirty Sexy Money left a lot of loose ends, with the reveal Dutch was alive being the biggest. This reveal had the potential to flip the show on its head during a third season, but sadly ABC decided to pull the plug and leave viewers hanging.

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