New (Dirty) Pic From The Road

There's a new photo of Viggio Mortensen and young Australian actor Kodi-Smit McPhee from the upcoming film adaptation of author Cormac McCarthy's already-classic (and stunning) novel, The Road. And believe me when I say: this pic is dirty.

Get your mind out of the gutter!

The pic shows The Man (Mortensen) and his son, The Boy (McPhee), looking as dirty, disheveled, down-trodden and near-death as McCarthy so vividly depicted them in his novel.

For those who are not lovers of top-notch literature, The Road is set in an America that has been plunged back into the Dark Ages by an unmentioned Apocalyptic disaster. In this desolate time, survivors scour the ash-covered countryside looking for shelter, supplies, weapons, and food of any kind... even it means feeding on one another.

As Winter approaches, The Man and The Boy realize they cannot survive another cold season on the East Coast, as virtually every usable supply and suitable food source has already been picked clean. Rumors of a haven in the West send The Man and The Boy off on a cross country trek, with one broken shopping cart to hold their small cache of supplies and a single gun, with a single bullet, to protect them from roving gangs and cannibals. A harrowing and poignant meditation on the meaning of fatherhood,The Road is easily one of the best books I've read in the last decade.

Here's what Mortensen had to say in recent interview about bringing The Road to life onscreen:

"We knew that the journey of making a movie out of McCarthy’s book 'The Road' would be both physically and emotionality challenging. There is a certain degree of sadness, fear and regret that 'The Man' carries inside as he strives to protect his son and ensure their survival in an impossible world."

However, if you think that this movie is going to be some heart-felt piece of fluff, my friend... you do not know Cormac McCarthy. I invite you to head over to IMDB and read the cast of characters. If names like "Cannibal #1" and "Cannibal #2" don't grab you, I'm sure "Baby Eater" will. If you like horror movies that have actual weight and soul, then this film is definitely for you.

...Of course there's no telling WHEN you'll get to see The Road, since Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Co. have pulled the film from its original release date of November 14, 2008,  in favor of a release date that will generate the most cash for the struggling studio-whenever THAT is. (Thanks, Harvey.)

For now, take a look at the pic of Mortensen and McPhee in character, some older photos here, and then tell us what you think about how The Road is paving out.

Source: Rope of Silicon

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